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Pennants were originally military or naval, and more recently they have become more often sporting, corporate, souvenir, anniversary and decorative. The pennant looks like a banner or a flag, but small in size, often trimmed with fringe and tassels. Pennant with the logo of your company or a landmark event will be an advertisement for you for many years. Pennants are usually made to commemorate sports competitions, school or university studies, they are presented to employees or customers of large enterprises, and they are kept as a mamerabilia symbol by people who receive them. The most popular sports pennants in Ukraine: pennants of the football clubs, pennants of the sports clubs in various sports, pennants of the sports federations, award pennants to the winners and the participants of the sports competitions.

Printing pennants with the logo is possible with three different technologies: silk screen printing, sublimation and embroidery. When printing, you can use the multiple printing technologies. Printing the pennants with the silk screen technology is done in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 colors but you cannot get a full-color result in this way. However, the silk screen printing is money saving, especially for large quantities. The sublimation technology is used for full-color printing of the pennants; it allows you to print any full-color images on the fabric with the high enough accuracy. And embroidery is the most spectacular and beautiful production technology. The simple pictures are made with the embroidery as well as the logos and the inscriptions because embroidery is also made with threads in several colors. The embroidery can be of different sizes, the number of the threads and the frequency of the stitches, the price for the production of the pennants depends on all of those.

Making the pennants besides the question of the printing, also includes the crafting of the edges and the choice of the fabric for their manufacture. Most often they are made of the synthetic fabric as it allows you to print on it full-color sublimation. The pennants can be of different sizes, most often it is A4 and A5 size, although they can be made any type according to your desire. The shapes of the products can also be different but rectangular, triangular and pentagonal with a protrusion outward are considered standard. The rarer pennant is of the pentagonal shape with a triangular cut inward or with a rounded bottom. Printing of the image itself can also be from one or two sides, it defines the price. The pennant can be decorated and treated with cord, edging or fringe along the edges. At the bottom of the pennant can be one or three brushes, which will give your pennant the prestigious and presentable look. Also to give your pennants some elegancy the elements of the print with the golden or silver paint can be used, you can also print with the flex or the flock. They are kept on plastic or metal supports.

To order the pennants write to ‘Vmeste’ Advertising Agency and our managers will be happy to help you. If you do not have the pennants, our designers will quickly create a layout that will surely meet your expectations. Order pennants from us, we will offer you to make them from different types of fabric, of different sizes and shapes.


Prices(обновлено: 27-09-2019 )

Pennats size:

Size/Volume 5-10 pcs 10-100 pcs 100-300 pcs 300-500 pcs
10*15 cm (А6) 4,4 3,5 3,0 2,6
15*21 cm (А5) 5,2 4,2 3,8 3,4
20*30 cm (А4) 6,0 5,2 4,6 4,1

The price is indicated on satin pennants, two-layer, fabric sealing, edge treatment with a thermal cutter, printing on one side. Standard shape: rectangle, triangle, pentagon.



  • Double-sided printing + 50%
  • Edging + 10%
  • Casing + 15%
  • Fringe trim + 20%
  • Inward triangle or rounded bottom + 20%
  • Brush +1 EUR
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Pennats for intelligence service
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