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Umbrellas are souvenirs that protect us from both rain and sun, they consist of a handle and a tent. Umbrellas do not only perform their everyday function but are also an excellent marketing tool that is used for the advertising purposes. The umbrellas with the company's logo are perfect for promotional campaigns as a unique and, of course, useful souvenir as well as a corporate gift for your colleagues and clients. The manufacture of the umbrellas with a logo is done in two stages: the choice of the model itself and the color of the umbrella, and the printing of the logo on the umbrellas.

The umbrellas with a logo: you can choose from models already in stock that can meet your needs, or bring us blank umbrellas for printing. The umbrellas themselves which are used for gifts or promotions, come with a cane or folding umbrellas with an automatic mechanism that folds them. The cane umbrellas are more suitable for men and business people but the foldable umbrellas are more suitable for women who can fold them and hide them in a handbag. You can order umbrellas with a cane and folding umbrellas with an automatic mechanism in different colors and at low prices

The logo on the umbrellas is printed most often on an awning so the cost of printing does not depend on the model of the umbrella but depends on the logo and the circulation. Most often, two technologies are used for printing on the umbrellas which are flex and silk screen printing. Flex is suitable for printing a logo on umbrellas in small quantities in several colors. Flex is a special film that sticks tightly to any synthetic surface for many years. Silk-screen printing is much cheaper than the flex one but the feature of the silk-screen printing on umbrellas is that they are possible only in large print rnumbers starting from 50 pieces, as a rule, but there are exceptions. Both technologies of printing on the umbrellas allow you to apply a logo in several colors, usually up to 4. You can use sublimation technology to print a full-color logo on the umbrellas but it is not suitable for all models of the umbrellas, as it is done only on synthetics while the tent must be removed from the metal frame and tried to be printed on. There is a technology of the full-color printing on the flex but it can be used in rare cases, due to the very high cost, especially for small quantities.

If you want to order the umbrellas with a logo or get advice on the fabrication of the umbrellas with a logo or calculation of the cost of an umbrella with a print, contact our full service advertising agency ‘Vmeste’ and we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 01-10-2019 )

Umbrellas prices:


Price for cane umbrellas and folding umbrellas:

Type Description 1-10 10-50 50-100 100-500
Ordinary cane Nylon, wood, 105 cm 14,0 12,6 10,0 8,6
Premium cane Nylon 2 layers, metal, 110 cm 20,0 18,6 16,0 14,6
Folding automatic Nylon, metal, 108 cm 21,3 20,0 17,3 16,0

The price is for the umbrella without printing.


Price of printing on flex flex umbrellas:

Size 1-10 10-50 50-100 100-500
10*15 (А5) 10,0 6,6 4,6 3,3
20*30 (А4) 16,6 12,0 7,3 4,6

The price is for 1 print, 1-10 prints can be made on 1 umbrella, depending on the number of faces. 


The price of printing on umbrellas with silk screen printing:

Color/Volume 50-100 100-500 500-1500
1 color 1,01 0,79 0,54
2 colors 1,18 0,86 0,62
3 colors 1,36 1,00 0,71
4 colors 1,53 1,14 0,80

The price is indicated for printing by silk screen up to A4 size. The price is for 1 print, 1-10 prints can be made on 1 umbrella, depending on the number of faces.

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Umbrellas for ASTR School
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