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Wobblers are a type of printing products that looks like an advertising piece on a plastic leg. Wobblers are used in stores, they are attached to the product which you need to draw attention to. The translation of the word ‘wobbler’ is the bait that either a fish or a customers catches. Advertising wobblers are a useful tool for promoting new products or selling through promotions as well as special offers.

Making of the wobblers includes two parts: the advertising part which can be of different shapes and sizes and the plastic leg which also comes in different sizes. Plastic legs are usually made of 4 types, they differ in size in order to hold the wobblers of different sizes well. On the plastic leg there is a sticker that sticks the wobbler to the shelf with the goods.

The printing of the wobblers is done by digital or offset printing technology, depending on the circulation. In addition to printing, cutting is necessarily used to give a wobbler the desired shape. Standard wobblers have a rectangular shape, they are cut in the usual way. All others are carved and can be asterisk, round, oval, in the form of the goods, hearts, or any other form. For die-cutting the new die-cut shapes are made or the already made ones are used. After printing the advertising part of the wobbler is laminated to give the product durability and extra brightness.

Ordering the wobblers is a good way to promote your products or arrange a promotional campaign. Our ‘Vmeste’ advertising agency will help you with printing of the wobblers of your design. Contact us, we will be glad to cooperate.

Prices(обновлено: 06-09-2019 )

The prices for the round wobblers:

Volume/ Diameter 90 mm 100 mm 120 mm
50 pcs 54 55 56
200 pcs 100 105 107
500 pcs 190 205 220
1000 pcs 315 340 375


The prices for the  rectangular wobblers:

Volume/Size 100*100 mm 100*140 mm 140*140 mm
50 pcs 41 43 45
200 pcs 80 85 90
500 pcs 155 165 185
1000 pcs 260 280 320

The term of the manufacture is 4-7 days.

For the calculation of the wobblers of other shapes and sizes, send them to us and we will quickly calculate everything.

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