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Website promotion

Website promotion is an action aimed at improving the position of a website in the search engines. In Ukraine, the Internet users are looking for products or services, mainly in Google or Yandex. Therefore, we are interested in promotion in these two search engines.

Google and Yandex do not disclose the site ranking algorithm but it is well known that in Google there are about 200 parameters, in Yandex there are about 100 parameters by which the search engines compare the sites and set their places on the search list. And there are three ways to influence these positions: white/common, gray/moderate and black/extreme. Let's say right away that we do not use the black/extreme promotion methods, they are too dangerous and if they are noticed your website will be blocked. We do not welcome the moderate/gray methods either because in the long run they can adversely affect the website promotion. We use the common/white methods of promotion which, in fact, consist of the recommendations of the search engines for the correct creation of the site.

The website promotion in the search engines today most depends on the behavior of the users in those engines. Search engines record which request you addressed, how many seconds were spent on the page, how many pages of the site were visited, returned later or didn’t come to you anymore and many more. In order for your site to have better users’ behavior, it must respond to the customer requests. It should be convenient, comprehensible, nice. A very important role is played by the content: texts, pictures, price lists, reviews, videos and so on. You need to constantly compare yourself with your competitors and adapt the best for yourself. Work on the site can not be completed, you must always upgrade, change, improve.

We can take over improving the site and routine actions to fulfill the requirements of the search engines to optimize the site. The website optimization includes:

Excluding the presence of the technical errors on the site:

  • configure the CNC (computer numerical control);
  • correctly fill in the Title and Description;
  • issue a 404 error page;
  • exclude duplicate pages;
  • apply microdata;
  • create files Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml;
  • ensure fast loading of the pages and so on.

Properly implement the structure and navigation:

  • create logical partitions;
  • use the navigation system (menu and ‘breadcrumb’);
  • set up the internal relink.

Optimize content:

  • fill in a unique description of all sections and pages based on the selected semantic core;
  • provide the responsive design (for easy viewing on mobile devices);
  • use high-quality graphics and accompany it with an Alt attribute;
  • correctly arrange the headers H1;
  • place social network widgets (sharing buttons, community widgets), etc.

Carefully develop commercial performance (if the site is a sales tool):

  • optimize the product card;
  • provide a block reviews;
  • create a section ‘About the Company’;
  • specify the phone number in the ‘header’;
  • a number of other indicators (a detailed list is given in this publication).

Install an analytics system (Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics counters) and set up goals, connect a webmaster panel (Yandex and Google) and add a site for indexing by the search engines.

At these moments, the site optimization does not end, work on the website promotion on the Internet continues all the time, or your competitors will start to overtake you. But besides optimization, there is also contextual advertising and promotion in social networks (SMM). It is best to engage in site optimization (SO) along with the promotion of the social networks and launch of the contextual advertising, it will lead to the best effect.

It is also necessary to work on the content: for the texts you need a copywriter, for photos - a professional photographer, for design - a designer. Without these people, your website may have weaknesses which is better not to allow in the age of the Internet. In some cases, the site is not done technically correctly and it is better to order the creation of the site from scratch than to engage in the optimization of a frankly bad site. If you don’t have these people on your staff, Vmeste Agency will solve all the questions about promoting your website, right up to its complete or partial redesign.

Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

Website promotion price:


SEO price is 200-500 EUR per month.

The price may be higher. Depends on the site and the amount of work. For an accurate calculation of the cost, please contact the managers.

Websites promotion
Websites promotion
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