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Volume letters

Volume letters are a type of signs that refer to the outdoor advertising. But unlike other advertising structures, volumetric letters can be used both in outdoor advertising and indoors. In fact, it would be correct to call them as separate letters. Because the signs consisting of the individual letters can be voluminous, flat and combined. But the essence of the differences of this type of the outdoor advertising is that all elements are separated from each other.

The production of the volume letters consists of the choice of material, the method of illumination and production technologies. The letters are made most often from acrylic and polyvinyl chloride - these are types of plastic. Less commonly, wood or metal is used, due to the fact that signboards made from these materials are way more expensive than of the plastic ones. After the manufacture of the letters or the individual elements, they are covered with film from the sides and from the front. Then the final manufacturing stage is the choice of the lighting option. The signs can be illuminated inside, outside or behind (the so-called backlight). We use only LEDs to illuminate letters; in general, fluorescent lamps and neon tubes can be used.

A description of the most common types of signs made of letters is below:


Standard volume letters, the most common form. The sides and back are made of polyvinyl chloride, cheap plastic, which is then covered with the film. The front is made of transparent or colored acrylic which transmits light from inside of the signboard. The backlight is done by the internal LEDs. Suitable for most customers, the signs are pleasant to look at, beautiful, luminous and cost reasonably.

Volume letters without light. The same letters, only without the LEDs put inside. And the front side is made of polyvinyl chloride which is cheaper than acrylic. Thus, the signs with such letters also look beautiful and nice and are even cheaper. Suitable if in the dark you do not need to attract anybody’s attention.

Volume letters with backlit illumination. Letters are made the same way as without light, only they have a backdrop made of acrylic. Inside the letters the LEDs are installed. The letters are mounted on a flat surface at a certain distance and the light from inside the letters creates a halo of glow on a flat surface, behind the letters. Suitable for those options when you want something unusual, as well as the facade of the building needs to be closed by the flat box, and mount letters only afterwards.

Flat glowing letters. This is a relatively new type of letters, made of colored or transparent acrylic. Illumination is done by the diodes at the back, it is a complex technology but we have already mastered it. Such letters look unusual, stylish, minimalistic. But at the same time, they glow and look very expensive but they are not indeed very expensive.

Flat metal letters. Made of stainless steel or brass. Brass can then be polished and there will be an impression of real gold letters. Typically, such signs are made of small sizes due to the high cost of the materials. They can be made flat or voluminous but usually there is no sense in making them volume, just for the sake of volume the thicker plate is taken, not 2 mm, but 5 or 8 mm. If you are not on budget, this is your version of the sign. Expensive, beautiful, lasting for many years, will not be outdated.

Flat plastic letters. This is the easiest type of the individual letters. They are cut from cheap polyvinyl chloride plastic and the film is glued on top of the front. Thus, the separate letters are obtained, with pseudo volume and without illumination. They are used as a simple decoration and for the decoration of the offices inside. Cheap and practical.

Flat acrylic letters. They are made according to the same principle as described above, only they are cut not from polyvinyl chloride but from the colored acrylic. Acrylic itself is more expensive than the polyvinyl chloride by an order of magnitude, but it also looks more prestigious. From colored acrylic, flat letters are used for interior decoration of offices and points of sale.

Metal letters with the backlit illumination. Such letters are made as well as the usual metal ones described above. But the LEDs are mounted to their back which create the backlight.


There are more production options for the volumet letters than the above mentioned 8 options and a wide range of applications. They are used for the manufacture of the roof structures, the steles, the window decoration, the stands, the advertising space, and many more. To order 3D letters, contact the advertising agency ‘Vmeste’. Our technical experts have the extensive experience in the manufacture of the signs. We will show you the best option, take into account all your wishes, make a layout for you.


Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

Volume letters price:

Type of letters Price for 30 cm, EUR Price for 50 cm, EUR
Volumetric, light 36,5 53,5
Voluminous, without light 26,5 43,3
Volumetric, contre 46,5 66,5
Flat, light 133,5 200,0
Metal, flat 146,5 246,5
Flat, PVC 16,5 20,0
Flat acrylic 33,5 40,0
Metal, contre 220,0 286,5

Prices are for informational purposes only. The exact price is calculated by a technical specialist. There are different coefficients of difficulty. The price depends on the total volume. Price depends on material stock in stock.

Production time 5-14 days.

Volume letters with light
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