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Video production

Video production is the production of a video of any complexity: from object shooting and candid video to image videos and full-length films.

Where can video be used?

Basically - this is advertising. Advertising on television, on the Internet, on outdoor screens, in cinemas and so on. In addition, the video is the most popular way of conveying information to the viewer through a report, a news story, a TV project.

Production of the video is divided into the following stages:

       •     Idea

       •     Script

       •     Storyboard

       •     Selection of actors, locations, props, etc.

       •     Shooting

       •     Editing (Mixing frames and sound tracks, ‘rough’ editing)

       •     Postproduction (Effect Overlay, Animation, Final Editing)

Creating a commercial video is a well-coordinated work of many specialists: actors, journalists, cameramen, artists, lighting guys, directors and sound producers, screenwriters, designers, animators, editing directors, etc.

Shooting technology: the use of the modern technology significantly improves the picture quality. And previously famous for being perfect in the FullHD format now pales is shooting in the 4K format.

Drones (shooting from the air) - will emphasize the scale of what is happening. Steadicam will add smoothness to the video, make it more ‘alive’ and enrich the product with beautiful panoramas. Special photo and video cameras, individually selected for each task, will help to create an unusually beautiful video.

You can order the production of the commercial in Vmeste Advertising Agency. Our experts are ready to realize the shooting of a video of any complexity and advise on the cost of its manufacture.


Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

Commercial price:

Type Description Time Price, EUR
Video recording Departure of the crew for up to two hours, from one to five interviews, the footage in full is transmitted to the customer Up to 2 hours 250

Special report

Departure of a film crew to a place, shooting, from one to three interviews, writing and voicing voice-over text, editing without using graphics up to 3 mins 300

Animation clip

Scenario plan, shooting as needed, voicing voice-over text, editing using graphics and animation up to 40 seconds 350
Ads Scenario plan, shooting as needed, writing voice-over narration according to customer theses, editing using graphics and animation up to 90 seconds 400

Corporate film

Script, production, writing and voice-over narration, from three to ten interviews, editing using graphics and animation up to 20 mins 500
Promo video Scenario, production, writing and voicing voice-over text, editing using graphics and animation   400

We specify the exact prices and time after consultations, contact us.

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Video production
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Video production
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