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Towels are a type of the souvenir products used in hotels, spa, sports centers and as gifts to the customers and partners. The towels with a logo are made in different ways, some are already sewn with a logo, the others are made by putting a logo on the ready-made towels. The towels are distinguished by size and way of usage: towels for hands, face, bath, beach towels and towels for hotels.

Terry towels with a logo are most often made of the white color from the terry fabric which is obtained from the twisted fibers of a double-thread. The white color is the most preferable because it allows washing at 95 degrees with chlorine bleaching liquids. But there are also colored and multi-colored towels. The density of the terry towels is 450-600 g/sq.m. Printing on the towels is done in different ways.

Embossed towels are made in such a way that the logo stands out with the help of the different height of the terry. This is done by alternation of the high and low loops. Usually it is made in such a way to highlight the text or the logo of the customer. Selected elements can be either pressed in or convex.

Jacquard towels are made by the jacquard weaving. In this way the colorful towels are made where the logo or the inscription is highlighted by the color of the thread from the background of the towel. With the jacquard weaving there can be a different number of colors but the more of them, the more expensive the production of the towels is.

Embroidery on the ready-made towels is the third way to put a logo. Unlike the above mentioned two this method can be used to brand small print runs, from 1 piece. Whereas  the parties from 10,000 pieces are made in a relief or a jacquard way.  The embroidery is done on the ready-made towels, can have different sizes and is applied to different parts. Classically, the embroidery is applied on a towel edge; this is a smooth strip across the towel. Embroidery is done by color, up to 6 colors, but usually is done in 1 or 2 colors. The price of this method of branding depends on the size of the pattern as well as the frequency of the stitches. In this way, the logo is applied to the other types of the textile products: caps, T-shirts, polos, aprons and so on.

Combined towels are not the fourth way to print on the towels, it is mixing of two or three basic technologies. The towel can be embossed and with the embroidery in 3 colors or jacquard in 2 colors and with the embossed logo. But mixing several ways to print on the towels leads to their increase in price even though it can embody almost any idea of ​​the customer.

You can order the terry towels with the logo from us in the advertising agency ‘Vmeste’. Our managers will calculate the cost for you and prompt the best option for the manufacture and printing of the towels, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 01-10-2019 )

Towels price:


Type Up to 10 pcs 10-50 pcs 50-100 pcs
Towel 30*50 cm 6,0 5,3 4,6
Towel 70*140 cm 21,3 20,0 18,0
Towel 100*150 cm 35,3 33,3 30,6
Embroidery 6,6 4,6 3,3
Embossed\Jacquard Volume is over 10000 pieces

The price of a towel may vary, depending on stock availability, there may be different suppliers. The price of embroidery is calculated according to the layout. The price of embossed and jacquard towels are calculated according to the layout, but it is 10,000 pieces.

Production time 5-14 days

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