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Tickets are a type of printing products which is an entrance pass to events. The tickets are used to organize concerts, parties, conferences, performances, promotional campaigns, quizzes, etc. Printing of the tickets like other printing, in general, is similar to the printing of flyers or cards but has a number of distinctive features. Since the ticket is a pass to the event which can be not cheap, it is important to protect it from forgery.

The printing of tickets begins with choosing a type of circulation, the printing technology depends on it. Regular tickets are printed with the digital or offset printing. At one side of the tickets there is a perforation, also called a tear line, which is made to tear off the control strip. But for a stronger protection of the tickets you can use variable data printing, embossing, foiling, benday, holograms, scratch stripes or other protection methods. Variable data is the most often printed numbers or barcodes to scan tickets at the entrance. You can glue hologram stickers on tickets that you can forge but it's hard to repeat exactly the same one. You can make a blind stamping or foil stamping of certain elements on the ticket which does not guarantee it will not be forged but more than a simply reliable protection.

When printing tickets in large quantities you can use flex printing presses technology which allows you to apply a benday to your ticket or print luminous ink that glows under neon lighting. You can also print ready-made tickets with a luminescent seal, this is a cheaper option but time-consuming for big numbers of the tickets. To print the tickets for quizzes or lotteries a scratch strip is applied under which variable data is applied which is usually winning numbers. When printing tickets combined protection technologies are used depending on the importance of these ticket.

If you want to print the tickets for an event, contact our managers of the ‘Vmeste’ advertising agency and we will tell you what technologies are better to protect your tickets as well as offer the best printing option.


Prices(обновлено: 06-09-2019 )

Tickets price:


Printing on on 250 g\m²/whole volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2500 pcs 5000 pcs
Tickets with the size of 50*70 mm 10 14 30 32 64 117
Tickets with the size of 70*100 mm 12 16 32 34 73 135
Tickets with the size of 50*145 mm 12 17 48 39 74 136
Tickets with the size of 74*210 mm 18 28 53 54 120 220
Tickets with the size of 99*210 mm 18 28 55 62 136 248
Tickets with the size of 105*297 mm 23 34 68 82 195 354
Perforation 0,02 EUR\piece
Personalization (bar code, numbers) 0,01 EUR\piece

The price for printing pantones, holograms, bendays, designer cardboards and paper etc., are calculated individually.

Printing time is 1-5 days.

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