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Tags with the logo

Tags with the logo are a type of souvenir and printing products, which together with the price tags, labels and label stickers carries information about the product. The tags describe the name of the product, its structure, the country of production as well as the logo and the information about the manufacturer. The tags are made in many types, sizes and of different materials. In advertising, labels for clothing, marking tags, luggage tags and product tags are printed the most often.

The manufacture of the tags begins with choosing the material of manufacture and the image that needs to be printed on the tags. According to this feature the tags are divided into cardboard or paper, fabric or plastic. In particular, it is worth paying attention to the manufacture of the fabric tags. The fabric tags are made of different types of fabric: atlas, satin, nylon and polyester as well as woven. Nylon tags are the cheapest ones, especially if you print them in 1 color, this is done with the help of special thermal transfer printers and ribbon film. You can also print on the soft satin which is the most suitable for the fabric tags that touch the body. Printing on the nylon or the satin fabric tags in 2 or more colors is made with the hot-embossing technology and the image is printed in color. For full-color printing on the fabric tags, the atlas or satin fabric and dye-sublimation printing technology is used with the help of which regular or small flags are made. Particularly, it is worth highlighting the fact that the fabric tags can be made with jacquard weaving technology. They are the very tags you see on clothes like blouses, jackets, jeans, T-shirts most often. Such tags are quite expensive in little numbers so it makes sense to make them starting from 2000 pieces. The fabric tags are woven from threads of 1, 2 or 3 colors, the technology allows you to weave more colors and get almost full-color tags but they are much more expensive than the regular fabric ones and this makes almost no sense doing so.

Cardboard tags are divided into two types: regular and designer ones. The regular cardboard tags are printed with digital or offset printing technology. The standard size of such tags is similar to 9 * 5 cm business cards and a round die-cutting of 3 mm is made wherever you get them; it can be strengthened with a metal grommet which will make them look prestigious but the price of such tags is much higher. More prestigious cardboard tags which can most often be found on jeans, are made of design cardboard, of which there are hundreds of types with screen printing, selective varnish, foil stamping and other printing modifications. The only thing is that the designer tags are made with a minimum circulation of 5000 pieces, it is pointless to print fewer of them from the point of economics but the regular cardboard tags can be printed starting with 100 pieces.

Plastic tags which are called cable tags in advertising, otherwise baggage tags or marking tags are made of plastic of various shapes and sizes usually starting with 5000 pieces. The plastic tags are molded from plastic and the logo is immediately embossed with a coating of gold or silver paint. We can also offer the manufacture of the luggage tags, we make them from plastic, self-adhesive paper or cardboard with full-color printing with the possibility of applying a bar code, numbering and the customer's logo. We also deal with tags for products that are supplied to supermarkets and other points of sale. Such tags are made with carving according to the euro-hanger.

The tag printing is a big world of different types of them, made of different materials and with different printing technologies. The printing of tags is done digital, offset, large-format, silk-screen, sublimation, jacquard weaving, and sometimes hot stamping and flex printing. If you do not have a layout, our designers will help to develop the design of your tags, taking into account all your wishes and technical capabilities of the production of the tags.

If you want to order the tags or get advice on this issue, write to Vmeste Advertising Agency , and we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 01-10-2019 )

Tags price:


Cardboard tags with carving, 350 g / m², 4 + 4, 6 mm carving

Картонная бирка

Size/Volume 500 pcs 1000 pcs 5000 pcs 10000 pcs
30*50 mm 20,6 25,3 70,0 130,0
45*50 mm 20,6 25,3 70,0 130,0
50*70 mm 23,3 28,0 81,3 151,3
50*90 mm 23,5 28,6 85,3 158,6
50*180 mm 30,0 37,3 123,3 230,0
90*100 mm 32,0 37,3 124,0 197,3


Plastic tags with a ribbon:

Пластиковые бирки

Volume 5000 pcs 10000 pcs 15000 pcs 25000 pcs
Price 0,193 0,180 0,160 0,126


Fabric tags, jacquard weaving:

Тканевые бирки

Volume 2000 pcs 5000 pcs 10000 pcs 15000 pcs
Price 0,126 0,106 0,080 0,060


Cardboard tags on the design cardboard with stamping, varnish or a cliche:

Бирки на дизайнерском картоне

Volume 5000 pcs 10000 pcs 15000 pcs 25000 pcs
Price 0,40 0,36 0,33 0,30


Fabric tags of nylon, atlas, satin (sublimation):

Тканевые бирки

Mimimum order 300 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs
20 30 45 55


The price on the fabric labels are calculated depending on the size, the price on the price list is approximate.

For the calculation of marking tags, tags for baggage, product tags and jewelry tags, please call our managers.

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