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T-shirts are the most popular clothes in the world, and as practice has shown, one of the most popular types of souvenir products in advertising. More precisely in advertising this service is called - printing on logo t-shirts. Printing on logo t-shirts is an excellent opportunity to make a pleasant and memorable birthday gift or other holiday for relatives, friends and people you love. In addition, T-shirts with the logo are part of the corporate style in most catering establishments and services. T-shirts with prints are a good opportunity to give a useful souvenir to remember about events, conferences, seminars and trainings. They also often order printing on T-shirts for sports competitions, charity projects and advertising promotions. The scope of application of T-shirts is so wide that, listing all the options for their use in advertising, you can skip your favorite talk show or lunch break at work.

Printing of the logo on t-shirts is made by many, but the full-cycle advertising agency “Vmeste” compares favorably with many of the full range of printing technologies on t-shirts. We print on T-shirts logo with all possible printing technologies, among them: silk-screen printing, thermal transfer, sublimation, flex, embroidery and direct printing. In this article we will try to advise you on the features of each of their printing technologies on t-shirts, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Silk-screen printing on T-shirts is the most popular way to print. The essence of this technology in the manufacture of a sieve or stencil, through which t-shirts are painted with special paint. The paint is printed by color, first one color, then the second, then the third, and so on up to 6 colors. The peculiarity of this technology is that the layout for its printing is required necessarily in curves, while no raster images and logos are allowed. The next nuance is the minimum thickness of lines up to 0.5 mm and the imposition of colors on each other is unacceptable, that is, it is desirable to leave the distance between two adjacent elements. The big advantage explaining the popularity of this printing technology on T-shirts is its low cost relative to all other printing technologies. But the minus is the minimum circulation of 20 pieces, this is due to the fact that the production of stencils for printing is of great value. Many do not undertake to print less than 50 pieces, but not we, we print from 20 pieces. Also, the disadvantage is the impossibility of printing a full color image, and a maximum of 6 colors. These are the main features of the screen printing technology, but besides them there are a lot of details and nuances that our managers will tell you as needed.

The thermotransfer printing on t-shirts of is the simplest and available technology of the printing. Its essence is in printing through an ordinary printer of the image on a special film, which is then transferred onto the fabric of the T-shirt by pressing with a hot press. The advantage of this printing technology is the ability to print full-color, bitmap images of any complexity. The next indisputable advantage is the speed of printing - it usually takes about an hour, subject to the availability of a T-shirt and film. When printing by thermal transfer to dark fabrics there are some difficulties, due to which the cost of printing is more expensive, but in any case, this is almost the only way to print full-color pictures with black color on black T-shirts. The disadvantages of thermal transfer printing can be attributed to the film itself, which over time can crack, peel off at the corners of the fabric, lose color saturation and fade. This technology is designed for rapid printing of T-shirts, which will be worn several times, mainly for promotions. Thermal transfer printing is great for urgent orders and promotions.

Direct printing on T-shirts refers to the top league of printing technology. The essence of this technology is that the t-shirt itself is loaded into the printer like paper and the printer prints an image directly onto the fabric. Direct printing allows printing full-color logos, raster, vector - any. Allows you to make a full print or print large size logos up to A3 format. This technology is ideal for gifts to relatives, relatives and friends. This technology produces the most vivid and saturated colors with full-color printing, and the print itself reliably and durably keeps on a T-shirt, and withstands a huge number of washes. But there are also disadvantages to direct printing - the high cost price and, accordingly, the price of direct printing. And the main disadvantage is the ability to print on white, a maximum of beige T-shirts, all the rest will be very distorted colors, and they can be almost not visible, draw an analogy with paper - all printed on white paper. Direct printing is great for gifts or for branded beautiful T-shirts to their employees. Printing on t-shirts with flex or flock - is used infrequently, but in some cases is not replaceable printing technology. Its essence is that the necessary elements are cut out of the film of the flex or flock on the plotter and are pressed onto the fabric under a hot press. Flex is a smooth film that can be of any color: gold, silver, white, red and any other. Flock is the same, but velvet film. Such technology makes it convenient to print a logo on T-shirts in 1 or 2 colors and in small quantities, at least from 1 piece. The main advantage of this technology is the ability to print on any material t-shirts, whether cotton or synthetic, or a hybrid, it will be equally well and firmly hold on any fabric. The second advantage is the ability to manufacture from 1 piece. The disadvantage of flex printing is printing by color, it is impossible to print a full-color raster image - only vector. Thus, flex printing is suitable for any fabric, the film is held very firmly, can be made from 1 piece, mainly used for printing names, posts and simple logos.

T-shirt sublimation is also rarely used, but it has its undeniable advantages. The essence of this technology is in printing a full-color image on a special sublimation paper and then knurling through two heated rollers onto a T-shirt fabric. The main feature of this technology is that sublimation is done on synthetic fabrics and this is the only way to print a full-color image on synthetics. But again, as in the case of direct printing, sublimation is best obtained on white T-shirts. The downside of this technology is the inability to print on cotton T-shirts, only on synthetics, while still need to check whether the print. But the main disadvantage of this technology is that printing is carried out on not yet sewn T-shirts, then it turns out best of all, this is how 3D t-shirts with full print and on different synthetic fabrics do. Sublimation on T-shirts is suitable for individual order, starting with sewing, and ending with printing.

T-shirt embroidery is a unique printing technology, both in appearance and technical features. Embroidery is an embroidery of inscriptions or logo with threads of different colors on a special sewing machine. In advertising, this technology is also called computer embroidery. Computer embroidery of T-shirts is unique in that it is impossible to create a price for it, since the price of embroidery is calculated by a computer program that takes into account the number of thread colors, the number of stitches of threads, the size of stitches, the frequency and thickness of stitches and all of these variables add up to cost. Embroidery is complicated by the fact that not every layout, even a vector one, can be embroidered. She has many nuances and features, but embroidery has a big plus - durability and its appearance. Embroidery is very good, looks beautiful and prestigious on any fabric, so if you want to print your logo with high quality, beautiful and long lasting, order the embroidery. We calculate the price of embroidery by layout and size, but still it can fluctuate in one direction or another, depending on the frequency of stitches.

All of the above printing technologies are only half of the process of printing on t-shirts. The second half is actually the T-shirts themselves, which you can bring your own, or you can order from us. We offer to buy t-shirts wholesale or retail, white and colored, of any size, women's, men's and children's, from cotton and synthetic, as well as from different manufacturers. In order to get high-quality printing on T-shirts, we only sell T-shirts from proven, global brands: Fruit of the Loom (USA), Stedman (Germany), Sols (France), B & C (Belgium) and Stuff (Uzbekistan). Each manufacturer of T-shirts has its own characteristics, but in general they differ in cut and in price. All T-shirts have a certain density, they also differ in composition, size and color. Almost all suppliers have many models of T-shirts, polo, raglans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, windbreakers, caps and other clothes. In order for you not to get confused, we have laid out the prices for the purchase of the most popular models that are most often availablе.

To order printing on T-shirts for the logo and buying T-shirts for printing, contact the managers of the advertising agency "Vmeste" and we will try to help you with the choice of the manufacturer and the most optimal printing technology.


Prices(обновлено: 17-09-2019 )

T-Shirts price:

Price for Fruit of the Loom T-shirts (USA):

Name Composition Up to 50 pcs Over 50 pcs
White Color White Color
Men's T-shirts
Heavy T 100% cotton 4,5 4,9 4,2 4,6
Valueweight T 100% cotton 4,3 4,7 4,0 4,5
T-shirts for women
Ladies Valueweight T 100% cotton 4,3 4,7 4,0 4,5
Ladies V Neck Valueweight T 100% cotton 4,7 5,0 4,4 4,9
Children's T-shirts
Kids  Valueweight T 100% cotton 3,5 3,8 3,4 3,6


Price for T-shirts by Sols (France):

Model Color Price, EUR
Regent 150 White 5,4
Regent 150 Colored 5,8
Miss 150 White 5,4
Miss 150 Colored 5,8
Regent Kids White 4,8
Regent Kids Colored 5,5
Lady V White 9,6
Lady V Colored 9,6



T-shirt printing price:


We print on T-shirts by all printing methods: silk-screen printing, thermal transfer, sublimation, flex, direct printing, embroidery. The choice of technology depends on: volumes, t-shirt material and logo. If you did not find the price, please contact our managers for a calculation.

Screen printing on t-shirts:

Format/Volume Color 20 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs
А5 (10*15) 1 color 1,4 1,2 0,95 0,65
2 colors 2,2 1,6 1,35 0,95
3 colors 3,0 2,0 1,75 1,25
4 colors 3,8 2,4 2,15 1,6
А4 (20*30) 1 color 1,8 1,6 1,2 0,8
2 colors 2,6 2,4 1,5 1,2
3 colors 3,55 3,2 2,0 1,6
4 colors 4,2 4,0 2,4 2,0

When printing on a color background, +1 color.

Production time 3-5 days.


Direct printing on t-shirts:

Type /Volume 1-10 pcs 10-30 pcs 30-70 pcs 70-100 pcs
White А5 (15*20) 4,0 3,35 3,0 2,65
White А4 (20*30) 6,0 5,35 5,0 4,35
White А3 (30*40) 10,0 8,65 8,0 6,65
Colors А5 (15*20) 7,35 7,0 6,0 5,65
Colors А4 (20*30) 13,5 12,65 11,0 10,65
Colors А3 (30*40) 19,35 18,0 16,35 16,0

Full color printing, only on white t-shirts, from 1 pcs, production time 1-3 days.


Flex printing on t-shirts:

Format/Volume Color 1-10 pcs 10-25 pcs 25-50 pcs 50-100 pcs
15*10 cm 1 color 9,0 6,0 4,0 2,7
2 colors 10,5 7,5 5,7 4,0
3 colors 12,0 9,0 7,0 5,7
20*10 сm 1 color 9,7 8,4 4,7 3,0
2 colors 11,7 8,7 6,7 5,0
3 colors 14,4 10,5 9,0 7,0
30*10 сm 1 color 10,5 7,5 5,4 4,0
2 colors 14,4 10,5 8,7 7,0
3 colors 17,0 15,7 11,7 10,0

Printing by color, from 1 pcs, production time 1-3 days.

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