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Stickers are the brightest and most colorful advertising. Stickers refer to printing as all types of stickers are printed. Making labels is possible out of different materials and for different purposes. There are simple stickers, there are car stickers, window stickers, ceiling stickers, wall stickers, photo wallpapers, laptop stickers, phone stickers, 3D stickers, labels and many other types. Printing of the stickers is made on self-adhesive paper, vinyl, film as the most widespread types of materials. In this article we briefly describe the features of the manufacture of labels, their printing and ways of sticking.

Stickers are printed on Raflatac self-adhesive paper, Oracal and JAC film. After printing the labels are cut either by a rectangular method of manual or automatic cutting or by plotter cutting along the outline. Thus you can get ready-made stickers of all sizes and shapes. Self-adhesive paper is printed with digital or offset printing technology and the stickers look like glossy coated paper which can be glued to any surface but is difficult to peel off and leaves traces of not only the glue but also the paper itself. Such stickers are often printed in large quantities and glued once and for a long time without giving much thought to the surface which they were put on. Stickers are printed on self-adhesive paper and placed on the walls, at the elections, on lampposts and fences instead of other ads and simple posters, in the buses etc. There are options for embossing with gold or silver foil to create spectacular labels for bottles or other purposes.

The next type is vinyl stickers or stickers on Oracal (Germany) or Ritrama (Italy) or JAC film. While printing these stickers may be of a different type. They are simply divided into two categories: ordinary and interior print quality. The difference between them is tiny: the higher the printing quality the clearer the image but also the higher the price of the stickers. Vinyl stickers can also be of different sizes and shapes thanks to plotter cutting which removes excess background or cuts out the necessary geometric shapes or individual elements. Mounting film is used for sticking individual elements: letters, logos, pictures which allows sticking individual elements with no background, it is the most often used when sticking onto shop windows and cars. The widest range of usage is of the vinyl stickers, they are used for cars, laptops, ceilings, shop windows, labels for bottles etc. The peculiarities of the stickers on Oracle are that they do not crack during removal, they are water-resistant, not vulnerable to heat, they can be washed with snow, they can be removed from most surfaces without leaving a trace and are printed in large sizes with a large format print. Oracal or Ritrama stickers is placed on almost all shop windows, minibuses, cars, trolley buses, signs, buses, etc. The film itself may be transparent, beige, glossy or opaque.

What do you need to know about how to stick the sticker properly? Before sticking the vinyl stickers we recommend degreasing the surface and when sticking stickers larger than 1 meter you will need a squeegee and an assistant who has to iron the sticker removing air bubbles while gradually sticking it. It is better to delegate this procedure to the professionals who are experienced enough putting stickers to different surfaces and know how to work with the mounting film and the stickers of any size.

Before printing labels you need to provide us with a sticker layout. And for good printing quality a very elaborate layout is needed or if the sticker needs to be separated from the background, a cutting contour is needed too. Therefore, we recommend ordering another service from us which is a sticker design. The price of a sticker layout does not depend on the number of the printing products so there are cases when the price of a design is higher than the price of the printed stickers especially in cases of one sticker and small quantity of the stickers.

In order to place an order of stickers as well as receive some expert’s advice concerning printing and manufacturing labels, developing a layout - call our ‘Vmeste’ advertising agency and our managers will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 06-09-2019 )

Stickers price:


The price for printing stickers on self-adhesive paper, 4 + 0, in EUR


Business cards

0*50 mm




105*148 мм


148*210 мм


210*297 mm


297*420 mm

50 pcs 8 10 10 12 27 33
100 pcs 9 14 12 17 53 53
200 pcs 11 24 23 30 53 103
500 pcs 24 65 54 90 145 263
1000 pcs 35 90 84 118 196 345
2000 pcs 46 140 131 190 326 595

The price for printing the vinyl stickers, self-removing stickers and other types depends on the circulation, plotter cutting, mounting film and printing quality: 

The price for printing 1 sq.m. Oracal film, average quality = 6 EUR; 

The price for printing 1 sq.m. Oracal films, high quality = 10 EUR



Price of Volume stikers:

Area, cm² Price, EUR
1000 0,040
2000 0,038
3000 0,035
5000 0,034
10000 0,033
15000 0,031

How to calculate the price: If you need stickers 2*3 cm, with a number of 280 pieces:

1) You count the square of the sticker by multiplying the sides: 2*3 = 6 cm. (One sticker).

2) You multiply by the desired quantity: 6*280 = 1680 cm (total).

3) Multiply your square by the price of the corresponding area: 1680*0.040 = 67,2 EUR per the whole circulation.

The term of production is 3-7 days.

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