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Stick flags

Stick flags are a type of the souvenir products, small flags which like big flags symbolize some certain information. Most often the company logo is represented on the stick flags, a miniature of the flag of the country or other symbols. The stick flags in advertising are branded flags or the flags with a logo. They differ in size, production material and types. The flags with the logo are used at conferences, workshops, promotions, as an office decoration, gifts for your colleagues or your clients, as a souvenir to remind of you and in other cases. By types, they are distinguished as follows: table flags, flags on cars and flags of a garland.

Making the stick flags is performed from different materials, the main of which is fabric. There are paper or cardboard ones, but as a rule, the fabric is used for the flag manufacture. The most common fabric is artificial silk or it is also called polyester. This is a synthetic fabric with low density, of low cost and good weaving structure. The big advantage of the polyester is that the print on one side makes its way well onto the other side, thus, an almost two-sided print is obtained. The second most popular fabric for the flags is satin - thick fabric with a glossy cover, very beautiful in appearance and soft to the touch. It has an analogue which is satin, the same quality fabric but only matte in appearance. It is possible to print on gabardine or koshibo crepe, both fabrics have their own characteristics and differences from the previous ones but are less commonly used in the manufacture of the stick flags. There is also the most popular material for the flags but rarely used which is the flag mesh. It is the most durable material used for making the flags for the outdoor use. But it is perfect for making the flags on cars or garlands.

The printing of the stick flags is done with the sublimation printing or less often with the silk screen printing. The sublimation printing allows you to print the stick flags with the full-color images of both high and medium accuracy depending on the method of printing. This technology allows you to print them from 1 piece. The silk-screen printing is well suited for printing of the stick flags in 1 or 2 colors and in large quantities which will cut the costs. This technology is used to make the large quantities of the stick flags for promotions or for political election campaigns. The stick flags are usually printed on one side but it is possible to make it on two sides in two ways which are by the mirror printing or by printing from two parts glued together. The mirror printing has a lower price because it only printing supplies are used and two-sided printing from the glued parts is more expensive due to the greater consumption of the fabric. All the fabric that is used for the sublimation printing is initially white. And for the silk-screen printing of the stick flags you can take rolls of fabric of a specifically desired color.

Stands for the stick flags can be of different types and materials. The standard stand is plastic, white, used for the desktop stick flags. There are more solid metal stands which are used for the office flags. The stands are divided into single, double and triple horned ones. That is both the plastic stands and the metal ones can be with 1, 2 and 3 sticks. There are also the special plastic fasteners for the stick flags on the cars. For the stick flags of the garlands, a special rope is used on which they hang; we have the cost of the rope included in the price.

The stick flags differ in size and shape from each other. The rectangular stick flags are most often either desktop ones or the stick flags for the cars. The table flags have the following standard sizes: 10*20 cm, 12*24 cm and 13.5*25 cm. They can be cut out with a triangle inward, then it will be a pentagonal flag or a triangle one outwards.

In order to make an order of the stick flags, call or write and our managers will be happy to help you. The stick flags at Vmeste Agency are always high quality printed and stitched and we also try to make them as fast as possible and leave you satisfied with your order.


Prices(обновлено: 01-10-2019 )

Price for stick flags:


Size\Volume Material Sides 1-5 pcs 6-20 pcs 21-200 pcs 201-500 pcs 501-3000 pcs
10*20 cm Polyester 1 2,33 1,10 0,86 0,55 0,38
12*24, 13,5*25, 15*20 cm Polyester 1 2,23 1,36 1,10 0,70 0,53
10*20 cm Thick satin 1 2,33 1,40 1,13 0,76 0,56
12*24, 13,5*25, 15*20 cm Thick satin 1 2,66 1,56 11,16 0,80 0,63
12*24, 13,5*25, 15*20 cm Thick satin 2 3,66 2,20 1,60 1,16 0,90
12*24, 13,5*25, 15*20 cm Thick satin Double-layerd 4,0 2,7 2,0 1,5 1,3

Production time is 3-7 days.

Price for coasters and sticks:

Description\Volume 1-20 pcs 21-200 pcs 201-500 pcs 501-3000 pcs
Plastic, 1 horn 1,0 0,6 0,5 4,0
Plastic, 2 horns 1,1 0,8 0,5 0,4
Plastic, 3 horns 1,2 0,9 0,6 0,5
Metal, 1 horn 7,0 6,2 5,6 5,3
Metal, 2 horns 8,8 8,0 7,4 7,1
Metal, 3 horns 10,1 9,3 8,7 8,3
Hollow tube 0,060 0,026 0,018 0,014
Tubule with suction cup 0,30 0,15 0,13 0,10
Cast wand 0,33 0,20 0,13 0,10
Putting a flag on a stick 0,060 0,033 0,023 0,016


The price of paper flags, 130 g \ m2, 4 + 4, with a stick:

Size\Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 250 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pc
200*150 mm 0,39 0,36 0,34 0,28 0,26
200*100 mm 0,34 0,33 0,31 0,26 0,25

Production time 3-7 days.


Garland prices:

Type\Volume 10-49 meters 50-149 meters over 150 meters
Without printing 1,6 1,4 1,3
Printing of the logo 4,6 3,9 3,6

Production time 3-7 days. The minimum print run is 10 meters, the price is for 10 running meters, 5 flags per meter, size 20-30 cm, thermo cut edges, threaded onto a cord, polyester material.

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