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A stencil is a template made of different materials with cut-through elements for applying them to any surface. Stencils are made in different sizes, materials, and lasting term. Also a different number of letters, numbers and elements can be cut out on the stencils, it depends on the complexity and the price of the manufacture.

Making of a stencil begins with the choice of the material and, accordingly, the exploitation term. The most durable stencils are made of composite, it is a type of metal that is widely used in the outdoor advertising. The average durability is made of polyethylene terephthalate, transparent plastic, its advantage is flexibility and transparency which allows you to apply a stencil exactly on the planned place. And the stencils are often made from the Oracal or Ritrama film. They are glued to the desired surface and after use are removed and discarded. This type of the stencil is disposable but its advantage is that it is the cheapest one.

The use of such an element of the outdoor advertising is very wide: stencils for walls, stencils for graffiti, stencils for decoration, stencils with numbers and many other uses. The most important is to understand the characteristics of the materials of manufacture, to understand that you need a reusable stencil or a disposable one.

And another important point in the manufacture of the stencils is the design of the layout. Since all stencils are cut out either by a plotter, or by laser or milling cutting, all the layouts need to be made in a vector format. And if you do not have a layout, our designers will be able to quickly produce it according to your wishes.

If you need a stencil to order, please contact the managers of our advertising agency ‘Vmeste’ and they will be happy to advise you on all questions and help in the manufacture of the stencil.

Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

Stencil prices:

Material\Size А4 А3 А2
Film (Oracal, Ritrama) 6,5-20,0 13,5-33,5 20,0-46,5
PAT 0,7 mm 16,5-33,5 23,5-46,5 30,0-56,5
Composite 3,0 mm 26,5-50,0 36,5-60,0 50,0-76,5

The price is approximate, the exact price is calculated according to the layout and depends on the complexity and number of cutouts. The price is on average how it goes. Production time 2-5 days.

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