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Spider banner

Spider banner or X-banner is a construction for supporting and tensioning a vertical banner of the human height. The spider banner consists of a special construction and a banner with an advertising image. In advertising, you can often find its other name which is ‘X-banner’. This name it received thanks to the back of the structure which is in the shape of the letter ‘X’. Advertising spider banner is used mainly at exhibitions, presentations, conferences, inside supermarkets or shops as an alternative to the pavement signs.

Manufacturing of a spider banner consists of two stages which are the choice of the construction and printing of the banner. The structures consist of two carbon-fiber rods and two metal rods connected in the middle with a fastener that forms an X-shaped structure. For the balance, the X-banner has a metal support element which forms a three-legged construction in the lower part and makes the structure stable. Also, the spider banner has 4 screws that are at the ends of the X-shaped construction and the banner itself is put on them. The constructions differ only in size. There are three standard sizes for the X-banner which are 1.6 * 0.6 m, 1.8 * 0.8 m and 2 * 1.2 meters.

Printing a spider banner also has its own characteristics. The print size of the banner must match the size of the construction. On each banner in the corners there should be grommets - these are iron rings which the banner clings to on the corners of the construction itself on the screws. But the material for the banner can be of two types, made in either Europe or China. They differ mainly in strength and there are still differences in the texture of the vinyl material. The European one is smoother, so printing seems better than on the Chinese banner. And the printing of the spider banner is distinguished by the quality of the printing itself, it is conventionally called the ordinary one or the interior one. Interior print quality is better than the usual one; a clearer image, fewer pixels. But in both cases of printing, the banner layout itself plays an important role. If you do not have a layout, you can order a spider banner design from us and our designers will do it quickly and the way you want it to be done.

The spider banner has several advantages over the other types of the outdoor advertising. The spider banner is very compact and fits in a special bag, both the support and the banner itself. The spider banner is cheaper than its many analogs and it is also very quickly assembled and disassembled. The spider banner is easy to use and it looks great, lightweight but at the same time steady. The printed banner is easily replaced in it, so after purchasing the construction you can easily and quickly change the advertising itself. If you need a consultation or you are ready to order a spider banner, you should call Vmeste Advertising Agency and our managers will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

Spider Banner Price:


Name Size Construction Print (1440) Print (720)
X-banner standard 1,6*0,6 m 36,5 18,0 16,0
X-banner standard 1,8*0,8 m 38,0 24,5 19,5
X-banner standard 2,0*1,2 m 53,5 35,5 28,0
X-banner desk 0,4*0,2 m 13,5 6,0 4,5
X-banner for street (2 sides) 1,6*0,6\1,8*0,8 m 133,5 18,0\24,5 16,0\19,5

Production time for X-Banner with printing 2-4 days. You can purchase the design and the banner itself separately

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