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SMM - this is advertising and promotion of brands on social networks. SMM is a relatively new advertising service that is gaining popularity and effectiveness at the same time. Social networks have become part of our daily lives, their number increases, and users of many of them have reached the number of more than 100 million people. Gradually, each of the social networking forms and takes its niche. And each of the social networks has its own characteristics, both in the audience and about the methods of promotion.

Social networksSocial networks is a complex of measures aimed at increasing the sales of goods or services. In a nutshell, the main function of the SMM is the creation of a virtual office. Opening of the site has long been tantamount to opening of the office, and a good site is equivalent to the good office and a popular site - to the good office in the city center. The same is becoming true for the social networks, the only difference is there is only one of Internet but many social networks. And if more, it all starts with the planning strategy of promotion in social networks.

Progress in social networks in Odessa begins, as mentioned above, with planning of the SMM strategy. The plan includes a market analysis, you need to identify and study competitors, it includes identifying the target audience (TA) and analysis of its preference. After this preparatory work the virtual mail is created and after the representation in the selected social networks occurs. Naturally, they are created with this design, taking into account all the elements of the corporate identity. Next, we think over the content plan for the promotion of the month, based on the previous analysis, we find sources of the quality content or generate it by ourselves in agreement with the customer. Placement of the posts is done using the corporate identity, and all other social networking features.

Promotion in social networks done according to the same principle in Odessa that the promotion of the sites. To do this, we exchange links with large communities with a fee or free of charge. You can buy publishing of the posts on behalf of large communities in social networks. You can increase the number of subscribers in ‘white’ and ‘gray’ ways guaranteed to increase at the same time according to a particular sample. Conduct contests, promotions and discounts to subscribers is an extra motivation and it increases loyalty to your company. These and many other ways of advertising in social networks are used by our SMM experts to achieve results.

Advertising agency ‘Vmeste’, apart from the monthly reference of your company representatives in social networks, can offer a range of advertising services in the field of SMM at an additional cost. Among them are making of the viral videos, comments from different accounts, official contextual advertising, guaranteed increase in subscribers on specified criteria and other ways to improve the effect of promotion in social networks. Our SMM experts are ready to promote and advertise you on Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki and Twitter. For us, the main thing is that the customer is satisfied, we are making every effort for this and are ready to answer all questions and give a full consultation on SMM, call us or write.


Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

Prices for standard SMM:


SMM-Development strategies, competitor analysis, identification of the TA

Creating a virtual account brand

Creating a branded community

Adding elements of the corporate style in the design of the the posts

Search content sources, the daily posting

Communication with clients, work with the challenging communication issues, regular communication with the customer

Partnerships with communities admins with the same theme, link exchange

Conduct contests, promotions, discounts and other motivations for clients

Conduct contests, promotions, discounts and other motivations for clients

Daily reports on the number of subscribers, likes, comments, and repost

Monthly increase of 100 subscribers

The cost of the CMM for VK + FB - 150 EUR, Instagram - 75 EUR.


Additional services of SMM:

Description of additional services


Repost from one to another social network

400 EUR per month

Generating of your own content for posts

1250 EUR per month

Development of wiki markup for the social network Vkontakte

20-65 EUR

Create a unique design for content in social networks

From 35 EUR for 10 posts
SMO services - optimizing your site for social networks with your IT specialist

20 EUR

Contextual (official) advertising - it is the small ads which consist of graphic and text blocks, which are displayed for the selected audiences

From 35 EUR for 10 post


Advertising in the community, placing posts in the theme groups and communities on their behalf for a fee

From 7 EUR, 20% to the agency

Creating positive comments from all the accounts of social networks Vkontakte and Facebook

From 4 EUR for 10 posts

Analysis TA presence in social networks to promote the recommendations

15 EUR for 1 network

Reputation audit - a comprehensive network monitoring for mentions of the brand for the proposed period of time

20 EUR

Term of achievement 1-3 months.

Social networks
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Social networks
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SMM and social networks promotion
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