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A signboard is the face of the company, an outdoor advertising element with the name of the company located near the entrance. The purpose of the sign is to mark the location of the company and attract the attention of the potential customers. Signs are a generalized concept for many elements of the outdoor advertising. It can be a sign, a banner, a lightbox, three-dimensional letters, stele, pylon, roof structure, side-of-the-building panel and so on. Most often, the production of the signs is done individually because everyone wants to be original and not resemble the competitors. Therefore, the most important thing in the manufacture of the signs is experience, skill and knowledge of the production technology.

Manufacturing of the signs can be divided into the stages. First you need a layout, if you don’t have it, it’s better to order it from some good designers because saving on the sign design is a bad idea. Further is the selection of the production options, the sign can be done in hundreds of different ways if you do not know exactly what sign you want, you can look in the gallery of our works or send a picture from the Internet. After that, you need to decide on the size and location of the installation, if you struggle to, our experts can advise you and go to the appointed place for the measurements. Then begins the process of production of the structure itself and in the end the installation and connection of the power is done if the sign is illuminated. The last stage is the legalization of the structure as an advertisement or as a sign, our lawyers can also do it. It turns out as the chain: design, choice of type of construction, measurements and sizing, production, installation and connection, documents.

The signs can be divided into lightened and non-lightened structures. Both can be of a different type, except for the lightbox - it can only be luminous. Signs are made of polyvinyl chloride, acrylic, composite, wood, metal and film. Each of the materials can be cut, bent, milled, molded, glued together and covered with printed or decorative types of film. Also, the sign can be illuminated with diodes from the inside, outside, behind and in combination. Production technologies have their own characteristics and secrets, it makes no sense to describe all the possibilities, it is better to watch our works.

Types of the signs and the most common advertising structures:

The lightbox. The construction means a volumetric box of rectangular, square or random shape which is illuminated from the inside with diodes and glued over with printed film or plotter cutting. The advantages of a lightbox are in their low cost, short production time, and the disadvantage is that they are widespread, are of the same type and do not look aesthetically pleasing on the facade.

Volume letters or flat letters. Made of polyvinyl chloride, acrylic or metal, consist of individual elements or letters that are mounted on the facade or a special construction. 3D letters are made with illumination by diodes from the inside or back-illumination on the back; they can be without any illumination at all. Flat letters are made in the same way, only without sides and backs only the front part. The advantages of the letters is in a eye-pleasing and modern form, in a variety of manufacturing methods and uniqueness, and the disadvantages are in average production time and price.

Hanging wall signs. It is always a double-sided construction which is attached perpendicularly to the building. Due to this, it can be seen from two sides of the street, it is especially good to use on the corner of the building, it is visible from all sides. It is made as a lightbox, maybe with 3D elements. The advantages is in good visibility, low price, and the disadvantages are in its small size and it is desirable to use in combination with other types of the signs.

Roof signs. Large volumetric letters are made and mounted on the roof. The peculiarity of these signs is that it is necessary to calculate the reliability of the fasteners and the wind gusts. The advantages are in good-looking and prestigious form, uniqueness and size, and the disadvantages are in high cost and above average production time.

Plates. They can be not only at the door, there can also be street and facade signs which may well serve as a sign. Plates are made of plastic in cheap versions and of metal or glass with light. A plate made of brass with chemical etching and painting with the enamel may cost more than a lightbox or a hanging wall sign. The advantages of the plates are low cost and easiness of manufacture, and the disadvantages are in their small size.

Banner design. This is a banner stretched on a metal frame. This construction can be made of any size. Lighting such a sign is usually done outside, there are installed lights that illuminate it. Its advantages are in its low cost for the large sizes, the disadvantages are in appearance which is inferior to all other types of the signs.

Our outdoor advertising specialists have extensive experience, as well as imagination and will advise you or prompt the most interesting and optimal production options. If you need a sign for a store or a sign for a beauty salon, maybe a sign for a pharmacy, we will make it for you at a quality and prices lower than the market ones, please contact us and we will be happy to cooperate.


Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

The price of production of signs:


Lightboxes: from 85 EUR.

Bracket panel: from 115 EUR.

Glowing volumetric letters: from 165 EUR.

Flat letters: from 85 EUR.

Stellas: from 500 EUR.

Roof constructions: from 835 EUR.

Tablets: from 8 EUR.

Banner with metal frame: from 165 EUR.

The exact price is considered based on the materials of manufacture, manufacturing complexity, dimensions and installation method. Contact our managers and we will calculate everything.


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