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Shirts are a textile type of the souvenir products. The shirts are universal for both men and women but women's shirts are also called blouses. They are made in various materials, colors, cut, sleeve lengths and sizes. You can order from us both tailoring of the shirts to order and drawing a logo on the ready-made shirts.

Sewing of the shirts and the blouses to order is done in collaboration with the sewing studios. This is an expensive service but you can choose any available material, take measurements and sew the shirts that you have on your mind. But since the shirts are made from scratch, a pattern is prepared, the material is selected and the product is not made in large quantities, the cost of such a service is much higher than buying the ready-made shirts. We also sell the ready-made shirts of around 5 brands such as Sols, Fruit of the Loom, B & C, Parker and Harvest. They were originally sewed in huge print runs so the cost of them is more than just affordable.

Printing of the logo on the shirts is done mainly by three technologies: screen printing, thermal transfer and embroidery. The silk-screen printing of the shirts is suitable for printing with the same logo or inscription on the entire print run. This is the best type of printing for print runs of 20 pieces in terms of price and quality. The disadvantages of this method of applying are the minimum circulation, printing only on natural types of fabric and the image by color. The thermal transfer is made flex or flock, it allows you to print on any material with a circulation of 1 piece, each shirt is of different size and color, in this respect there are no restrictions. The disadvantages of this technology is the price which doesn’t really drop because of the increase in circulation but for editions up to 20 pieces is optimally suited. And the embroidery which allows you to put an inscription or a logo on the colors, but also to get a volume effect and a prestigious look.

The shirts and the blouses with the logo of the company are well suited for the uniform of the employees of the entertainment establishments, HoReKa, office workers in the sphere of the financial or the legal services. If you care about the appearance of your employees and they have direct contact with the customers, you should order the shirts for them, it is a good choice. To do this, contact our managers, they will offer you models, colors and sizes, as well as help with the choice of how to print on them your logo.


Prices(обновлено: 17-09-2019 )

Shirts price:

Shirts  Price, EUR

Term of production is 4-8 days.


Screen printing on shirts:

Format/Volume Color 20 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs
А5 (10*15) 1 color 1,4 1,2 0,95 0,65
2 colors 2,2 1,6 1,35 0,95
3 colors 3,0 2,0 1,75 1,25
4 colors 3,8 2,4 2,15 1,6
А4 (20*30) 1 color 1,8 1,6 1,2 0,8
2 colors 2,6 2,4 1,5 1,2
3 colors 3,55 3,2 2,0 1,6
4 colors 4,2 4,0 2,4 2,0


Price of embroidery:

Size/Volume less than 10 pcs 10-20 pcs 20-50 pcs more than 50 pcs
 А6 2,65 2,35 2,0 1,35
А5 3,65 3,35 2,65 2,0
А4 4,65 4,0 3,35 2,35

The exact price of embroidery on the shirts is considered according to the layout.


Flex printing:

Format/Volume Color 1-10 pcs 10-25 pcs 25-50 pcs 50-100 pcs
15*10 cm 1 color 9,0 6,0 4,0 2,7
2 colors 10,5 7,5 5,7 4,0
3 colors 12,0 9,0 7,0 5,7
20*10 сm 1 color 9,7 8,4 4,7 3,0
2 colors 11,7 8,7 6,7 5,0
3 colors 14,4 10,5 9,0 7,0
30*10 сm 1 color 10,5 7,5 5,4 4,0
2 colors 14,4 10,5 8,7 7,0
3 colors 17,0 15,7 11,7 10,0

The term for printing a logo on shirts is 2-4 days.

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