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Server checkbooks

Server checkbooks for restaurants, cafes, bars are booklets, folders, caskets, boxes and other money transfer devices. The server checkbooks are a necessary thing for any catering establishment and for the establishments of another profile, too, if it transfers money not through a cashier but through the service personnel. In advertising, the server checkbook will correctly be called the server checkbook with the logo because without a logo they lose their uniqueness and advertising component. The server checkbook with the logo come in different types and materials of manufacture which are: made of cardboard or paper, made of leather or leatherette, and also made of wood in the form of boxes and caskets. In this article you will learn about the production of the server checkbooks, how to print a logo, as well as about the features of the server checkbooks.

Production of the server checkbook can be of three main types: cardboard server checkbook, leather server checkbook and wooden server checkbook. The cardboard server checkbooks are the simplest of all possible options and are suitable, as a rule, for the seasonal establishments or for fast-food restaurant format. They are not durable and can quickly be disarranged and lose their presentable appearance. Printing of the server checkbook is made of the ordinary coated paper which the business cards are printed on and cut out of a certain shape, lined and stick together in the place where the bill holder is supposed to be made. For durability, they can be laminated on one or both sides, the laminate will make the server checkbooks last longer and also will allow them to be wiped without the risk of soaking the cardboard. But you can also make the server checkbook on the design cardboard using the silk-screen printing or displace the logo with gold or silver foil. In this case, from simple and cheap, they will immediately become complicated and expensive but very presentable. In ‘Vmeste’ Advertising Agency you can choose more than 500 different design paper and cardboard as the material for the production of the server checkbooks for your establishment. The unambiguous advantage of the cardboard server checkbooks is their low price as well as the ability to print a full-color image on both sides. The downside is the fragility and not always prestigious look.

Leather server checkbook is the next level and class of the server checkbooks. The production of the leather server checkbooks is almost always done to order. In our advertising agency ‘Vmeste’ you can order their production from a large selection of the leather material and its various substitutes. The production is possible from one material as well as combined server checkbooks, consisting of two or three different materials which gives them a chic look but increases the cost of their production. Printing of the logo on the leather server checkbook is done with the help of two options: blind or bandage embossing as well as embossed gold, silver or other colorful foil. The blind embossing is done quite simply and seamlessly, it simply squeezes out the necessary inscriptions or the logo on the cover. Then the extruded surface can be coated with the special paint or left as it is. But while foil stamping there are its own peculiarities. Not all logos and especially text, if it consists of the small elements, you can qualitatively push back into the foil so that it does not blur. Therefore, in some cases we make two clichés, and we press them under different temperatures so that all the fine lines come out as well as the large elements. This method increases the cost of the embossing since not one but two cliches will be spent on one server checkbook, also the number of imprints will be twice as high. Therefore, in addition to stamping of the logo with the foil, in addition to the price lists, also call our managers to calculate the exact price of the work. The advantage of the leather server checkbook is their durability and presentable appearance, the disadvantage is the impossibility of printing the full-color logos.

Wooden server checkbook are the most prestigious and often used option. The wooden server checkbooks are caskets or boxes in which they bring the bills to their customers in cafes and restaurants. The wooden caskets for the restaurants are made from wood and they can be of various sizes, colors and shapes. In the gallery you can look at the standard server checkbooks that we have already been making as well as you can contact our managers and order them for your individual project. There are three ways to print a logo on the wooden boxes: engraving, painting and UV printing. The laser engraving burns out the top layer of the wood and can make any inscription or any logo in one color. The only thing that can be adjusted is the depth of the burning laser surface. There is also the technology of coating of the wooden boxes for the receipts painted in 1 color. But the newest technology is the UV printing. It allows you to print a full color image on the flat wooden surface of the server checkbox which will make your box unique and exclusive. Such only thing that UV printing has a high price, so they often choose laser engraving in order to make a logo printing on the server checkbook. Thus, the wooden box server checkbooks are the most prestigious and original solutions for your restaurant or cafe.

If after reading this article, you still have some questions about the production of the checkboxes or how to print a logo on them, you should contact the managers of the advertising agency ‘Vmeste’ and they will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 01-10-2019 )

Server checkbooks price:

Cardboard Server checkbooks:

Coated paper 350 g \ m², printing 4 + 0, without lamination, glued pocket.

Type\Volume 1-10 10-20 20-40 40-60 60-100
Euro (210*99) 4,6 4,0 2,6 1,7 1,2
А5 (150*105) 5,3 4,6 4,0 2,3 1,5

Production time 2-5 days. With lamination, printing 4 + 4 and other sizes are considered individually.


Leather server checkbooks:

On the lower edge left and right are pockets for notes

Size\Material Leatherette Plug Leather Project
Type Blues, Venus, Fantasy Ideal, Rodeo Favorite, Consul, Provence, Luxor, Triumph Consul Metal, Python, Velor Kansas, Rodeo Metal, Neon Zebrano, Porto Varnish, Cabernet Varnish Perfect 1 Perfect 2 Combi

Server checkbook

115*188 mm

11,1 12,0 12,2 12,4 13,4 13,8 47,3 45,7 4,5

Server checkbook 

119*250 mm

12,2 12,4 12,6 13,5 13,7 14,2 50,5 48,9 5,4

The term for the production of leather counters is 10-14 days. The minimum volume is 5 pieces. For runs of 30 pieces, a discount is possible. 


Printing price on leather server checkbooks:

Type of print Cliche price Price of 1 print
Blind embossing 20-35 5,5
Foil 1 color 25-40 6,5
Foil 2 colors 40-60 10
Blind + foil 1 color 35-60 9

Price is average. When foil stamping can be difficult, because of which you have to do 2 cliches and two strokes on one counter. For an accurate calculation, write to managers. The printing period is included in the manufacturing time of the server checkbooks

Price for wooden caskets:

Size Price
Casket 18*10*2 cm 9,3
Casket 18*10*3 cm 9,6
Casket 16*12*4 cm 9,0
Casket 9*5*5,5 cm 9,0
Casket 12*7*7 cm 8,3

The price is for standard boxes, without printing. Laser engraving, UV printing and ink coating are considered individually. Production time 7-14 days.

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