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Scotch tape

Scotch tape is a type of the souvenir products in the form of the adhesive polypropylene tape for the packaging. The advertisement uses the branded tape which can displayed information about the company, its logo, contacts or slogan. The scotch tape with a logo is a perfect solution for the packaging of the goods which performs not only a useful household function but also creates an image of a serious company represented to your customers. The scotch tape, as one of the elements of the company’s corporate style, is no longer a luxury but a necessity, if you value your reputation and image.

Making the scotch tape with the logo consists of two stages: the production of the adhesive tape and the printing of the logo on it. The scotch tape itself is made of the polypropylene tape and the acrylic glue. These materials are purchased only in the high quality and the glue has sufficient adhesion properties to attach to any surfaces and has sufficient freeze resistance for the efficient household usage. The tape has three characteristics: width, length and thickness of a roll of the tape. The standard thickness used is 45 microns. Its length in the roll can be 66, 100 and 200 meters but for automatic lines we make 660 and 990 meters. The tape itself is produced on the rolls 144 mm wide and then it can be cut and have a roll width of 144, 72, 48 and 24 mm. The production of the adhesive tape with the logo has its own nuances and the minimum circulation usually includes 144 rolls.

The scotch printing or branding is a more complicated process than its production. Printing of the logo on the scotch tape can be done in two ways: on top of the polypropylene or below it, under a layer of the glue. The branding is done using the flexographic printing technology, a cliche is made for each print color which is enough to print more than a million copies. Printing of the scotch tape on top method is suitable for small runs and the operational production of 144 rolls. Printing is carried out on top of the tape and then it is covered with the protective varnish but such printing may fade over time and for the longer use it is recommended to print under the tape itself. In the second way, the logo is printed on the tape, and then it is covered with the acrylic glue, so the logo is under the tape and cannot be erased in any case. But the production in this way requires a lot of effort and, accordingly, a larger minimum circulation, usually from 1000 rolls. Usually 1-3 colors of the logo are printed on the adhesive tape but it is technologically possible to print up to 7 colors on one roll.

The scotch tape is used to pack the goods so that during shipment you are insured against unpermitted opening because it will be impossible to do so invisibly. It also helps to distinguish the boxes in stock, if you make several types of the scotch tape in different colors or with a different logo. In addition, the adhesive tape with a stock or a control logo will help pay attention to the promotional items and increase your sales. And most importantly, in our time of the developed technologies and services, the adhesive tape with the logo is a necessary element of a serious company that takes care of its image and corporate identity.

To order the brand scotch tape with the logo in the advertising agency ‘Vmeste’ you can contact our managers, who will be happy to advise you on this service and help you order the scotch tape.


Prices(обновлено: 01-10-2019 )

The scotch tape production:


Density, base\length 40 m 50 m 60 m 66 m 100 m
45 microns, white 1,12 1,38 1,63 1,78 2,65
40 microns, white 1,06 1,30 1,54 1,68 2,51
45 microns, transparent 1,10 1,35 1,60 1,75 2,59
40 microns, transparent 1,04 1,28 1,51 1,65 2,46
45 microns, yellow 1,16 1,42 1,48 1,84 2,74
40 microns, yellow 1,11 1,37 1,62 1,77 2,64

The length of the winding can be up to 990 meters. Width 24, 36, 48, 72, 144 mm.

The minimum order is 144 adhesive tapes.

Making cliches: 1 color from 15 to 30 EUR, 2 colors from 25 to 50 EUR, 3 colors from 30 to 75 EUR.

The production time of adhesive tape with a logo is 8-14 days.

Scotch Tape with a logo
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