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Scarves with logo belong to the promotional products. But scarves have their own characteristics, as well as hats, they are worn mostly in winter so this is a seasonal souvenir product. Scarves with your company logo will not only warm and protect you from the cold wind but also indirectly remind people of your company. Due to this property, the scarves with the logo are a very popular type of advertising and at the same time gifts for your colleagues and clients in winter.

Making the scarves with the logo is mainly done with two technologies of knitting and weaving. In the first case, the scarf is made on a mock-up, adapted to the capabilities of the technology, woven immediately with a pattern. This technology is also called jacquard weaving. The benefit of this method of the scarf production is that in 1 process we get a finished scarf with a logo. The second technology of making the scarves is knitting. You can knit a scarf from different threads and make two, three and four-color scarves.

Embroidery is used to print the logo on the scarf. Thus, the scarf is knitted first, then the embroidery is made, then the edges are processed, due to this the price is formed approximately the same as that of the knitted scarves. Both scarves are made with fringe on both sides. The sizes of the scarves can be different, but the standard is: 130*16*7, 140*20*7, 120*18*7 mm. In addition to the jacquard weaving and the embroidery, the scarves can be branded with the special chevrons or the fabric tags. The special chevrons for the knitted scarves and hats are made with a minimum circulation of 300 pieces and the fabric tags depending on the size and the fabric.

The production of the scarves with the logo is made of the acrylic yarn but you can use the artificial wool. Both materials are very similar in quality and practically do not differ. But there is a third type of the scarves which are the fleece scarves. The fleece scarves are cheaper than the knitted one or the woven ones but they have their own nuances. The fleece itself can be made in China or it can be a good European one, respectively, the price will be significantly different. Also, processing a fleece scarf with an overlock or fringe will additionally increase the cost of the scarves. But in general, the fleece scarves with the logo are a good option for holding the promotions or as the mass gifts, for example, in supermarket chains.

To order a scarf with a logo, it is better to contact our managers and formulate the task that is valid for this order, and we will offer you the best option for making the scarves and printing the logo or the text on them.


Prices(обновлено: 01-10-2019 )

Price for scarves with logo:


Type Size Printing 100 pcs 200 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs
Knitted 130*16*7 mm embroidery 10,2 10,0 9,8 9,6
Fleece 120*14 mm embroidery 8,7 8,5 8,3 8,2


In addition, we can sew on a chevron + 0,7 EUR, a minimum volume is 300 pieces.

Boomons +0,8 EUR, the minimum volume is 100 pcs.

Scarves are knitted and woven with acrylic threads.

Production time 10-18 days.

Sizes may vary.

Prices are approximate, accurate calculation is done with the layout.

Scarves with a logo
Scarves sample
Printing of a logo on a scarf
Scarves sample
Scarves with a logo
Scarves sample
Printing of a logo on a scarf
Scarves sample
Scarves with a logo
Scarves sample
Printing of a logo on a scarf
Scarves sample
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