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Roof advertising signs

Roof advertising signs are one of the types of the signs which refers to the outdoor advertising. The roof advertising signs are the most expensive and prestigious type of signs which are installed on the roof of the buildings. The main difference of this type of the signs from the others is that a special metal frame is made for their installation which keeps them on the roof and ensures the safety of its fastening during strong wind gusts and while everything is covered in ice. The second difference from the other signs is the mandatory estimation of the fastening reliability without which the manufacture of the roof installations does not begin. The roof advertising signs are the best option to declare yourself as a serious and prestigious company caring about its reputation.

Production of the roof signs is done in the same way as the manufacture of the other types of the signs. But it starts with calculating of the reliability of the fasteners since the roof structures most often are more than 10 meters high, and they are installed on the roof so any improper production may endanger the passers-by. Further materials for the manufacture of the roof advertising signs are selected, everything is here, as in all other types of signs: acrylic, composite, PVC, film, LEDs, in rare cases neon, lamps, polycarbonate. But the installation of the finished sign is done on the metal frame which is made for the roof structure taking into account the reliability calculations.

Production of the roof advertising sign is the most expensive of all types of the signs, comparable only to the production of the advertising steles. The document itself on the calculation of the fastening reliability without which the roof structure cannot be installed, will cost from 2500 UAH and the coordination itself will be from 1500 UAH and this is only preparation for the production. By itself, the roof advertising sign should be visible from the great distance and the higher the roof is on which it is installed, the larger the sign should be. On average, the size of the roof advertising signs is 10-15 meters which entails a greater amount of material for its manufacture. The roof sign can be either illuminated or not illuminated, if the sign is illuminated which implies the manufacture of three-dimensional letters, the cost again increases significantly. Plus, to install a large roof light advertising sign, you need a durable and reliable metal frame that will hold it on the roof in any weather. Thus, the roof advertising design, as a rule, is one of the most expensive types of signs, which not everybody can afford but only the reputable and large companies.

To order the manufacture of the roof advertising sign, contact the advertising agency of the full service ‘Vmeste’ and our specialists will go to the site to calculate the cost of the roof signs and the choice of materials made according to the customer.


Prices(обновлено: 23-08-2019 )

Price of roof construction:


The price depends on:

  • manufacturing materials;
  • dimensions of the roof structure;
  • Lighting options: light or external illumination.​

Call, our managers will advise you, and technologists will quickly leave for the exact calculation and consultation.

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