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Roll ups

Roll Up Stands or Roll Ups are a popular form of the outdoor advertising which belong to the mobile stands. The roll up stand consists of a special metal construction with an advertising poster. The metal structure is placed on the flat surface and the metal retractable legs give it stability. In the design itself there is a drum on which the advertising banner is wound whenever the roll-up is folded. In order to decompose it, it has a special holder plate which is installed vertically in the roll up itself and stretches the banner. And  there is also a fabric bag in the set in which the roll up is easily carried and stored when it is not in working condition. The roll ups can be one-sided and double-sided, of different sizes, as well as different types of structures: economy class, standard and premium. The scope of the usage of the roll up stands is quite wide: these are various exhibitions, conferences, seminars, fairs, advertising in pavilions, shopping centers and so on. The roll up stands are very convenient to use, they can be folded and unfolded mobile, they can stand anywhere where there is a flat surface and can be easily carried in a special bag as they weigh little.

Making the roll ups consists of a choice of the design and printing of the advertising itself. Designs in the roll up stands differ in size and type of construction. The standard roll up can be of the sizes 0.8*2.0 m, 1.0*2.0 m, 1.2*2.0 m, 1.5*2.0 m, 2.0*2.0 meters. And the designs themselves are standard and improved. The improved designs can be called premium, elite, drop and so on. Their main difference is stronger materials, easier to use, more stable, more reliable. But they have the same dimensions as the standard or economy class models. The most popular in size roll up will be a stand measuring 0.8*2.0 meters. Because just such a size is in the budget lite version as well as the double one where two advertising banners can be mounted on both sides. All other sizes can be either standard or improved versions, and double or budget ones can only be of 1 size. The roll ups are very similar to the spider banner or the X-banner in its size and purpose. As well as the spider banner the roll up stand can be of a desktop A3 format or 30*40 cm. The desk roll up can be put on the table, the shelf and any other non-standard surface.

Printing on the roll up can be done on both the banner and the paper. Both versions can be printed with the usual print quality of 720 dpi or it can be the interior one with the resolution of up to 1440 dpi. The paper is inferior to the banner in strength and durability but it can be with the clearer color and brightness of the print. We recommend ordering printing of the roll up stand only of the interior quality whether it is paper or banner but if there is a task to find the minimum price, you can print the usual quality. Paper for its durability can be further laminated with either gloss or matte lamination. But a lot of things in printing of the advertising for the roll up depends on the quality of the layout. If you do not have a good designer, it is better to order the design of the roll up stand from us. Our designers will make it fast and the printing of the layout of high quality.

You can buy the roll up stand in the advertising agency of the full service ‘Vmeste’. With us you can buy the roll up stand of any size, you can buy a double-sided or one-sided stand. And also you can order a roll up stand with a banner or a paper poster printing. For consultation or ti order a roll up stand, please, call and our managers, they will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

Roll up stands price:


Name Size, м Stand price Banner price (720) Banner price (1440) Plastic price (1440) Blockout price (1440)
Economy 0,8*2,0 63,5 18,0 23,5 37,5 35,5
Standard 0,8*2,0 70,0 18,0 23,5 37,5 35,5
Standard Black 0,8*2,0 80,0 18,0 23,5 37,5 35,5
Standard  1,0*2,0 83,5 21,5 24,5 46,0 43,5
Standard Black 1,0*2,0 96,5 21,5 24,5 46,0 43,5
Standard  1,2*2,0 96,5 40,0 36,5 55,5 52,0
Standard  1,5*2,0 116,5 33,5 44,0 62,5 58,0
Premium 0,8*2,0 123,5 18,0 23,5 37,5 35,5
Premium 1,0*2,0 143,5 21,5 24,5 46,0 43,5
Premium 1,5*2,0 216,5 33,5 44,0 62,5 58,0
Premium 2,0*2,0 296,5 52,0 63,5 89,5 78,5
Lux 0,85*2,0 153,5 20,0 23,5 43,5 40,0
Lux 1,0*2,0 196,5 21,5 24,5 46,0 43,5
Lux 1,2*2,0 233,5 40,0 36,5 55,5 52,0
Lux 1,5*2,0 260,0 33,5 44,0 62,5 58,0
Double 0,8*2,0 153,5 18,0 23,5 37,5 35,5
Double 1,0*2,0 170,0 21,5 24,5 46,0 43,5
Double 1,2*2,0 206,5 30,0 36,5 55,5 52,0
Double 1,5*2,0 246,5 33,5 44,0 62,5 58,0

Production of a roll up stand term with a print of 2-4 days. The price does not include layout design.

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