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Pylon is a large advertising structure of a vertical shape, installed right next to the advertised object. The pylon refers to the outdoor advertising, the process of its manufacture is similar to the manufacture of the signboards so the pylon can be considered the type of a sign or a pillar. In advertising, such an element of the outdoor advertising is most often called an advertising pylon. The advertising pylon can be divided into types: for gas stations, for shopping and entertainment centers, large pylon at the entrance to the city, for car dealerships and for advertising prestigious establishments.

We have been dealing with the manufacture of the advertising pylon, as well as other types of the outdoor advertising, for a long time and are ready to perform work of varying complexity. We have expert designers who develop the project and lawyers who coordinate and legitimize steles in a number of state and communal structures. Advertising pylons are made in different sizes: mobile - for exhibitions and installation on trading floors, 0.4*1.2 meters in size. Medium pylon for car dealerships, gas stations, shopping centers are made and installed permanently, usually with internal lighting, measuring 1.5*8 meters. And large advertising pylons are made in sizes of 20-30 meters in height and are installed at the entrance to the city, near large enterprises, stadiums, hypermarkets.

The production of the pylons is performed in the same materials as the signs and using the same technologies. Commonly composite, acrylic, taping with films of different series and internal LED backlight are used. In the manufacture of the pylons for shopping or entertainment centers, fields are made for removable brands of tenants of trade or exhibition areas so the pylon becomes informational. Replaceable fields are very convenient for changing prices at gas stations or changing logos of tenants in shopping centers. When opening prestigious establishments: car dealerships, night clubs, restaurants, medium-sized advertising pylon are installed near them, with interior lighting that serves as a sign. If the institution works in the dark, then the internal illumination for an advertising pylon is necessary, it is difficult to miss a luminous pylon in the evening and not pay attention to it.

You can order the production of the advertising pylon at Vmeste Advertising Agency. We will try to offer you the best manufacturing option and price as well as do the job efficiently and lasting for many years. Our experts will help make the layout, and can also go to your place for a detailed consultation.


Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

Production of the pylons price:


Name Size Light Price, EUR
Mobile 0,6*1,2 present 415
Small 0,8*2 present 1665
Medium 1,2*5 absent 5165
Medium 1,2*5 present 6335
Big 1,5*6 absent 8335

The price in the price list is approximate, for the exact cost you need a layout and the price depends on:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Light
  • Changeable fields

Call and our technical specialists will leave for a place and give a full consultation.

Advertising pylons production
Advertising pylon sample
Manufacture of pylons
Advertising pylon sample
Advertising pylons production
Advertising pylon sample
Manufacture of pylons
Advertising pylon sample
Advertising pylons production
Advertising pylon sample
Manufacture of pylons
Advertising pylon sample
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