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Raglans are the name of a type of clothing that has many synonyms: topcoat, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, parkas and so on. We do not only sell different models of the raglans but also do all kinds of printing on them. Raglans with prints provide an opportunity to express your inner world in everyday clothes or can be a great gift for your friends.

We do not only do all types of printing but also sell the raglans wholesale and retail. You can order the raglans from Fruit of the Loom, Sols, B&C brands from us and we can also sew them for you to order. You can buy your own sweatshirts but then we cannot be sure that printing on them will work without any faults and correctly.

Printing of the raglans is done by several basic technologies: silk screen printing, flex printing, direct printing and embroidery. The silk-screen printing is used for drawing works, it is cheap and high-quality but the minimum circulation is from 20 pieces of one layout. All other printing technologies can be done from 1 piece. The direct printing allows you to print the full-color layouts but it is the most expensive of all others. The embroidery allows you to make your product look prestigious and fit in your prints. And the flex printing is done in different colors with the help of the film which allows making prints in colors from 1 piece at a reasonable price.

If you do not have a layout, our designers can make it for you. We can also advise the most appropriate printing technology for your raglans. Contact Vmeste Advertising Agency and we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 18-09-2019 )

Price for raglans, sweatshirts:


Made by




Raglan, Sols, North women, men

Fleece, polyester 100%

Dark blue, red, black chocolate, dark purple, light beige, black, burgundy


Sweatshirt, Sols, Seven men, women

Molton, cotton50%, polyester 50%

Dark melange, cobalt, black, red


Sweatshirt, Sols, Soul men


White, black, cobalt, bright blue


Sweatshirt, J. Harvest, Prescott

Cotton "Jersey", Fleece

Black, white-blue, red, dark blue, gray melange, dark anthracite, brown


Sweatshirt, Sols, Story

Cotton 50%, polyester 50%

Red, navy blue


Raglan, Sols, Slam


Gray, white, navy blue, red, black, orange, bright blue, cyan, light green, azure, chocolate, dark purple, khaki, lemon


Raglan, Sols, Sherpa

Cotton 80%, polyester 20%

Dark mottled, cobalt, green


Sweatshirt, Sols, Sundae, Soda

Cotton with fleece 50%, cotton polyester 50%

Dark blue, black, red, deep gray


Sweatshirt, J Harvest, Moline

Cotton, fleece

Gray melange, white-blue, black, brown, black-anthracite, red


Raglan, Sols, supreme

Molton with fleece, 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Dark green, white, gray melange, navy, yellow, gray, red, bright blue, anthracite, light green, orange, black, burgundy


Sweatshirt, Sols, spider

Molton with fleece, 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Red, bright blue, white, dark mottled, cobalt, black


Sweatshirt, Sols, snake

Cotton 50%, polyester 50%

White, bright blue, black, dark melange, light green, dark purple, lime, cobalt, dark gray, red


Sweatshirt, Sols, success

Cotton 50%, polyester 50%

Black, White, Blue, Khaki, Fawn


Sweatshirt, Sols, Supreme Kids

Molton with fleece, 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Orange, light green, bright blue, dark blue, dark mottled, red, black


Fleece, J Harvest, Lancaster

Fleece waterproof, с мембраной

Dark blue, red, black, white


Sweatshirt, Sols, Slam Kids

Molton with fleece, 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Orange, black, white, red, cyan, navy, navy, light green


Fleece, J Harvest, Sarasota

Fleece with membrane

Dark blue, white, black, orange




Price for printing on sweatshirts with silk-screen printing:

Format/Volume Color 20 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs
А5 (10*15) 1 color 1,4 1,2 0,95 0,65
2 colors 2,2 1,6 1,35 0,95
3 colors 3,0 2,0 1,75 1,25
4 colors 3,8 2,4 2,15 1,6
А4 (20*30) 1 color 1,8 1,6 1,2 0,8
2 colors 2,6 2,4 1,5 1,2
3 colors 3,55 3,2 2,0 1,6
4 colors 4,2 4,0 2,4 2,0

Printing time by silk-screen printing on sweatshirts is 2-5 days.


Direct printing on sweatshirts:

Type /Volume 1-10 pcs 10-30 pcs 30-70 pcs 70-100 pcs
White А5 (15*20) 4,0 3,35 3,0 2,65
White А4 (20*30) 6,0 5,35 5,0 4,35
White А3 (30*40) 10,0 8,65 8,0 6,65
Colors А5 (15*20) 7,35 7,0 6,0 5,65
Colors А4 (20*30) 13,5 12,65 11,0 10,65
Colors А3 (30*40) 19,35 18,0 16,35 16,0

The term of direct printing on sweatshirts is 1-3 days


Flex printing on sweatshirts:

Format/Volume Color 1-10 pcs 10-25 pcs 25-50 pcs 50-100 pcs
15*10 cm 1 color 9,0 6,0 4,0 2,7
2 colors 10,5 7,5 5,7 4,0
3 colors 12,0 9,0 7,0 5,7
20*10 сm 1 color 9,7 8,4 4,7 3,0
2 colors 11,7 8,7 6,7 5,0
3 colors 14,4 10,5 9,0 7,0
30*10 сm 1 color 10,5 7,5 5,4 4,0
2 colors 14,4 10,5 8,7 7,0
3 colors 17,0 15,7 11,7 10,0

The term of printing with flex is 1-3 days.

Raglans production
Raglan for BTS
Printing on the raglans
Raglan for a gift
Raglans production
Raglan for a gift
Printing on the raglans
Raglan for a gift
Raglans production
Raglan for a gift
Printing on the raglans
Raglan for a gift
Raglans production
Raglan for Tapmedia
Printing on the raglans
Raglan for Velvet
Raglans production
Raglan for Destiny
Printing on the raglans
Raglan for Kinezio
Printing on the raglans
Raglan for Tatun
Raglans production
Raglan for Wits
Printing on the raglans
Raglan for Wits
Raglans production
Raglan for a gift
Printing on the raglans
Raglan for a gift
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