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Raffle drum

Raffle drum is a construction with a drum for holding drawings, lotteries and promotions. A raffle drum is needed for the objective holding of such events when participants can be sure of fair prizes. And prizes and gifts are loved not only by children but also by adults which is why raffle drums are often used for advertising campaigns designed to attract new customers or advertise new products, services or brands. Nothing will help you to draw the attention of people walking around the mall like a raffle drum which is why experienced marketers use these promotional tools.

Making a raffle drum process is difficult but possible in order to do that we use a transparent and durable material which is acryl. The manufacture of the raffle drum consists of two parts: a transparent bowl in the form of a drum and a frame on which the drum is installed and it serves as a support for it. Production of raffle drums takes some time, from 2 to 5 days. We can make raffle drums of any size and volume but we offer standard volumes of 4, 15, 25, 43, 50 and 150 liters. Optionally, you can make raffle drums not from transparent acryl but from another, for example, black or red acryl. Raffle drums can still be divided into desktop lottery drums and outdoor ones.

Raffle drums with a logo is in greater demand than a simple raffle drum. Printing a logo on the lottery drum is possible in several ways: by engraving, UV radiation or application from Oracal or other film. The logo engraving on the raffle drum is made in 1 color the image or inscription is burned with a laser. The technology of ultra violet printing allows you to print a full color image. And Oracal can print both a full-color image and several printing colors. After printing the Oracal film can be cut out with a plotter cut and glued as an application on which there will be no excess background.

In order to buy the raffle drum or order the manufacture of the raffle drum according to the size and other categories you wish, you can write a full service Advertising Agency  ‘Vmeste’ and our managers will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 01-10-2019 )

Raffle drum production price:


Volume of a drum 4 liters 15 liters 43 liters 80 liters 150 liters
Price, EUR 80 105 165 260 745

Note: term of production - 5-8 days.

Raffle drums production
Raffle drum for 43 liters
Manufacturing of raffle drums
Raffle drum for Morgan
Raffle drums production
Raffle drum sample
Manufacturing of raffle drums
Raffle drum sample
Raffle drums production
Raffle drum sample
Manufacturing of raffle drums
Raffle drum sample
Raffle drums production
Raffle drum sample
Manufacturing of raffle drums
Raffle drum for 43 liters
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