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Price lists

Price lists are a type of printing which are sheets of paper having a value for the goods or services that the company provides its customers with. On the price lists must be a list of products with their prices and features. Price lists are an indispensable sales tool that can be printed taking into account company details, its logo and the corporate identity which will highlight and strengthen your credibility.

Printing of price lists is done digitally and most often with the help of the offset printing technology. You can print price lists on a risograph but only with a black and white ink or with a printer, but in both cases the printing quality will not allow you to stand out among the competitors and draw the attention of potential customers to your company. We offer printing price lists either on offset paper 80 g / m² or on coated paper 130 g / m². In both cases it makes sense to do only full-color printing which allows you to create unique price lists that attract people’s attention. You can print price lists on paper of any density and even on design papers and cardboard in order to do so you need to call our managers and they will offer options and calculate the price lists.

Price lists can be printed of A4 or A5 format. If you want to make yours different, we can recommend you to print them in the form of a catalog or a brochure.

In order for your price lists to stand out favorably and convey the necessary information about your products or services so that they are not overloaded with the details and are easy to read, you need to order their design. Our designers will arrange the information you need correctly and make regular price lists an efficient advertisement.

To order printing of price lists, call Vmeste Advertising Agency and our managers will give you advice or make some individual calculations.


Prices(обновлено: 05-09-2019 )

Price lists price:


Density/Volume 1000 pcs 2500 pcs 5000 pcs
80 g/m², offset 55 90 150
90 g/m², chalked, glanced 65 110 185

Note: The printing time of price lists is 1-5 days.

Printing of Price lists
Price lists for Barber shop
Printing of Price lists
Price lists for Auto Group
Printing of Price lists
Price lists for Gemo
Order price list
Price lists sample
Order price list
Price lists sample
Order price list
Price lists sample
Order price list
Price lists sample
Order price list
Price lists sample
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