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Posters are banners that advertise the event and are a type of printing. Posters, as a rule, announce or advertise the upcoming event. They contain information about the name of the event, who will be there or what will happen, about the date and time of the event, as well as contact information of the organizers and the partners’ logos.

Posters are glued in crowded places: on the streets of the city, in educational institutions, in cafes, restaurants, and at the stadiums. But before the question of sticking posters somewhere you need to understand the issue of printing posters themselves. And so, poster printing is a service that depends on such parameters as: circulation, size, paper density, number of colors. It depends on circulation in the first place because posters can be printed with the help of three technologies: digital printing, offset printing and large format printing, and each technology has its pros and cons as well as is different in price.

It also depends on the size because digital machines mainly come in A3 formats, while A2 and A1 mainly belong to offset poster printing which does not allow single copies or rarely allows large format printing. Paper density is very important when printing posters and can be different, but it is common to print A1 format posters for gluing at 80 g / m², and posters for internal format A3 at 130 g / m². The number of colors has the least significant role in the printing of posters and it matters mainly in offset printing with a large circulation.

The last thing to do before printing and sticking is the design of posters. You need a layout before printing so our designers make a printing layout quickly and at reasonable prices. The layout must meet certain requirements and it is not necessary to order it from us, you can bring us a finished layout of your own.

Taking into consideration all the information mentioned above if you are ready to order some posters, you should know that you can order any sizes of posters A0, A1, A2, A3 from us. For more consultation or ordering posters call our managers.


Prices(обновлено: 05-09-2019 )

Posters price:


Large format printing from 1 pc:

Type Normal Interior
А0 11 15
А1 5 7
А2 4 5


А1 Posters, 70 g/m²

Volume, pcs. Price, EUR
100 190
200 200
500 245
1000 310
2000 465


А2 Posters, 90 g/m²

Volume, pcs. Price, EUR
200 200
500 220
1000 275
2000 345


А3 Posters, 130 g/m²

Volume, pcs. Price, EUR
100 40
200 70
500 135
1000 175
2000 195

Note: Production time is 1-5 days

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