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Postcards are the most common form of greeting in printing. Greeting cards have been popular for many centuries, but with the spread of the Internet and email, they have lost some of their relevance. However, advertising cards are still a good advertising tool in the hands of skilled marketers. Large and medium-sized companies that monitor their image and build relationships with their customers, colleagues and employees practice the production of company postcards for the holidays.

The printing of postcards is done with two technologies: digital printing for small print runs and urgent printing, as well as offset technology for circulation of over a thousand pieces. Postcards are printed with full-color printing on coated paper of 300 g / m² and 350 g / m², with or without half creasing. Postcards printing can be of standard sizes: euro postcards (210 * 99 mm or 200 * 210 mm), postcards A5 (200 * 142 mm), postcards A6 (100 * 142 mm) or individual, according to the customer's layout. But for the printing of exclusive cards, designer paper and cardboard are used, and such cards are printed with a silk-screen printing technology, which makes it possible to use colors according to the pantones.

Making cards is possible in all possible ways: coated paper, glossy or matte, of different density, with varnish, with lamination, embossed, with convex foil or silk screen printing, using figure die-cutting, designer cardboard and much more. But before you start making cards you need their layout. The design of postcards is tedious to do in the company's corporate style, taking into account the brand, logo and corporate colors. With this you can get help of our experienced designers.

If you are ready to order cards or you want to calculate the price of printing cards, call us and our managers will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 04-09-2019 )

Postcards production price:


Cards, paper 350 g \ m².

Type\Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2500 pcs
А6 (4+4) 13 20 53 60 185
А5 (4+4, 1 sc) 36 65 130 175 365
Euro (4+4) 15 30 63 75 215
2*Euro (4+4, 1 sc) 40 55 125 150 425
Round (7 см) 15 25 55 70 150

Note: Postcard print time is 1-5 days.

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Postcards for Synebo
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