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Printing on plates. Our agency will help to turn an ordinary plate into an exclusive souvenir which you will be able to present to your relatives, friends, colleagues. We print any images, photographs, logos, etc. To transfer the image on a plate, we use two methods: sublimation or thermal transfer - a simpler method suitable for souvenirs which serve as interior items. Silk screen printing with the additional roasting is a more reliable method that allows the use of dishes in everyday life.

The ordinary plate with the logo can serve not only as a tableware but also as an excellent souvenir for your loved ones, colleagues, partners. Since ancient times, tableware has been a symbol of the luxury and wealth of its owners. It was decorated with various ornaments, including emblems of the noble families, covered with precious metals which gave these household items a luxurious look. Such dishes were always placed in prominent places in the house. Nowadays, the application of the images on the ceramic dishes has not lost its relevance, on the contrary, the plates are an excellent ‘canvas’ for applying various images, photos, logos, etc. The design plate will be an excellent piece of interior both at home and at the office space; a beautiful souvenir or a reminder of some significant event.

We print images on the plates and on the other types of ceramics by 2 methods: 1) sublimation or thermal transfer - more simply the method of application, it will provide bright printing on the plates for their further use as an interior item; 2) screen printing with additional roasting of the ceramics for a more reliable application of the image that allows you to use this dish in everyday life, wash it in the dishwasher.

Create a layout and make printing on the plates, Vmeste Advertising Agency will help you. The prices are calculated individually depending on the type of printing and the diameter of the plate. For detailed information call and our managers, we will calculate the order taking into account all individual peculiarities.

Prices(обновлено: 27-09-2019 )

Price of plates with sublimation printing:

Ceramic plate 1 pc 5 pcs 10 pcs 25 pcs 50 pcs
Plate: D-200, Print: D-110 22,6 18,6 16,6 14,6 12,7
Plate: D-270, Print: D-150 28,0 24,0 21,3 18,6 15,3

Production time 2-5 days.


Print price on decal plates:

Colors\Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 250 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs
1 color 92 170 285 545 825
2 colors 110 205 455 720 1170
3 colors 125 235 535 860 1445
4 colors 135 255 600 965 1720
5 colors 140 270 640 1035 1860

The price is for printing only, on our plates. Production time 5-10 days.


The price of metal plates and coasters:

Type Size Price
1 pc 5 pcs 10 pcs
Plate No. 1 d 180 13,8 13,2 12,5
d 210 18,7 16,8 16,7
d 290 26,0 25,3 24,6
Plate №2 d 200 13,8 13,1 12,4
d 240 18,7 18,0 17,3
d 300 25,8 25,1 24,4
Plate №3 d 260 19,0 18,3 17,6
d 310 24,3 23,6 22,9
d 360 28,2 27,5 26,8
Plate №4 215*290 17,8 17,1 16,4
265*355 21,6 20,9 20,2
320*435 30,8 30,1 29,4
Plate №5 d 125 17,3 16,6 15,9
d 150 20,6 19,9 19,2
d 200 30,0 29,3 28,6
Wood foot h 80 2,0 1,7 1,5
h 115 3,0 2,7 2,5
h147 4,3 4,0 3,8


The price of printing on metal plates:

Volume 1 pc 5 pcs 10 pcs 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs
Price, EUR 8,0 6,6 5,3 3,3 2,6 2,0

Printing time 2-5 days.

Plates with the logo production
Plates for Vkuslandia
Printing on plates
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Printing on plates
Plates for Vkuslandia
Plates with the logo production
Plates for Vkuslandia
Plates with the logo production
Тарелка с полноцветной деколью
Printing on plates
Plates for Transhsip
Printing on plates
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Plates with the logo production
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Plates with the logo production
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Printing on plates
Foot sample
Plates with the logo production
Foot sample
Printing on plates
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