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Plastic cards

Plastic cards are a special type of printing that is printed on plastic and has the appearance of a card. Plastic cards appeared in the last century, but their mass use began in the last decades. The use of plastic cards keeps up with the modernization of all spheres of life. Plastic cards are a satellite of progress, keeping pace with it. With the spread of accounting programs for customers, products, services, operations, and so on, more and more types of plastic cards appear that are a tool for interaction between programs and people. At the moment, the following types of cards are widely used: discount cards, club cards, bonus cards, transport cards, savings cards, fuel cards, insurance cards, gift cards, plastic ID cards, plastic passes, 3 TAG cards, key rings, mini cards, local payment cards, promotional cards, plastic key cards, lottery cards, prepaid cards and plastic business cards. They simplify work with customers, automate sales systems, discounts, bonuses, accounting, stimulate sales growth, expand business opportunities.

Printing plastic cards is done by the following technologies: digital printing, offset printing, silk-screen printing and sublimation printing. From the circulation, method of personalization and design of plastic cards is the choice of printing technology. Printing plastic cards is possible both in full color and in color for the use of pantone inks. When printing them, usually two sheets of plastic and two sheets of laminate are used, which after printing are joined in a press under high temperature and pressure into a single whole.

The manufacture of plastic cards after printing consists of a large number of post-printing processes, which are called personalization. Personalization of plastic cards can be a magnetic strip printing, which has three stripes for encoding and two types of magnetic strip: HiCo and LoCo. Drawing a bar code of the constant or changing various standards: EAN – 13, Code – 39 and Code – 128. When making cards, it is possible to apply changeable or permanent textual or digital personalization: numbers, name, expiration date, date of birth, etc. Embossing of plastic cards, which looks like the extrusion of letters or numbers with the subsequent drawing of silver or gold foil or without them. Creating a panel for the signature: the application of a special layer on which you can write something once, but it will not be possible to erase or change it. Drawing the color image is applied at production of plastic diplomas, certificates, admissions and documents where the press of the organization or the photo is necessary. And also in the manufacture of plastic cards there is the possibility of applying scratch strips: a protective layer, which is erased and valuable information is printed under it. And the last thing you need to know about personalization in the manufacture of cards is smart chip cards. Chip smart cards are contact and contactless. In both cases, the chip records the necessary information, the types of chips can be: Em-Marine and Mi-Fare. Also in the manufacture of plastic cards for the reliability of protection you can apply a hologram on them, which is impossible to forge or repeat under normal printing conditions.

The production of plastic cards consists of several stages. After understanding the tasks of the cards themselves and their circulation, the production technology is chosen, and one of the types of plastic is used. Plastic may be clear, milky, silver or gold. After printing on plastic, it is covered with a glossy or matte laminate, which can be of different density, like the plastic itself. At the same time, plastic and laminate is different for digital, offset and inkjet printing. Although these differences are almost invisible.

Types of plastic cards:

Discount cards are the most popular type of cards that provides customers with a permanent or cumulative discount. The discount card helps to retain old customers with a system of bonuses, discounts and benefits, as well as attract new ones. The discount card is a very powerful weapon in the hands of experienced marketers to retain and attract customers, as well as to increase sales.

Club cards are no less popular than discount cards. Club cards are issued for a group of people, employees of the enterprise, clients of the institution. They provide discounts or opportunities of different levels of access to establishments: VIP, Gold, all inclusive. On the club cards, the owner must be personalized with the help of embossing, photo printing, full name and other data of a cardholder.

Gift cards are very useful because you can give them for a holiday to your friends, relatives, colleagues or potential customers. They represent a substitute for a gift certificate in a more solid and stylish form of a plastic card. A gift card usually holds a certain amount of money, which you give to the recipient, and he, in turn, can independently choose a purchase, which makes it easier for you and since you do not have to bother your head with the question of what to give.

Insurance cards is a convenient addition to the insurance pole, which is convenient to carry with you, and looks better than a paper policy. Insurance cards will add the image of your company, they can be done with different types of personalization of the owner's name, insurance validity period and so on. They are also convenient for the companies that produce them, who can easily see all the necessary information for them about their clients in the country.

Scratch cards are cards with a special applied protective strip that hides unique information (PIN code, password, digital key, etc.). In order to access the information, the band must be erased. Scratch strip is used when printing prepaid cards for communication services, lottery tickets, bonus cards, etc. The protective strip for printing scratch cards ensures that the card has not been used before.

Advertising cards are plastic cards that advertise goods, services or promote a brand. Advertising cards are used to advertise new products, services, or services by advertising the distribution of cards, distributing cards to the target audience, or donating to existing customers to expand product sales.

Plastic IDs are a practical and convenient substitute for paper IDs. Plastic IDs due to the material of manufacture are durable, convenient and compact. They are printed on photos, removable data on the media, printing organization and much more. To protect them, they often print a hologram. A hologram is a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image obtained as a result of the interaction of light waves. It can not be copied by standard printing methods.

This list of options for using plastic cards is far from complete. The main thing is to understand the possibilities of making and printing cards, and to apply them as unique business cards or the key to launching spacecraft - the choice is yours.

But before the production of plastic cards you need to create their layout. Unlike most types of printing requirements for the layout of plastic cards is much more due to the large possibility of personalization. If you do not have a layout, then you can order the design of plastic cards from our experienced designers or ask managers for layout requirements.

In order to order plastic cards or get additional advice, individual calculation - call the advertising agency "Vmeste" and we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 05-09-2019 )
Price of plastic cards:
Volume Print 3-Tag Printing number Magnetic stripe Barcode Embossing


100 pcs 0,23 0,20 0,06 0,16 0,06 0,12 0,11
200 pcs 0,23 0,20 0,06 0,15 0,05 0,11 0,10
500 pcs 0,22 0,15 0,05 0,08 0,04 0,10 0,09
1000 pcs 0,20 0,10 0,03 0,06 0,04 0,08 0,08
Prices are in EUR without VAT;
  • Printing on silver, gold + 20%;
  • Matte finish + 20%;
  • Compliance with ISO-7810;
  • Printing on transparent plastic + 60% of the cost of printing;
  • Printing 1 pc (certificates, etc.) costs 20 EUR.
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