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Placemats are a type of printing products that is used in bars, cafes and restaurants as a napkin on the tablecloth. Placemats, or as they are called in Russian ‘the thing that goes under the plate’, most often are paper but can be plastic, fabric or rubberized material. Sometimes they are called ‘sets’ or ‘paper sets’ but no matter what they are called, they perform advertising, informational and сщтыгьук functions. On the sets you can place the most popular menu positions, seasonal and regular discounts and advertising partners of the place. But their main advantage is that they help to quickly remove everything from the tablecloth.

Printing of placemats of the standard A3 size or 30 * 40 cm is ususally done. This size allows you to put on a paper set silverware and dishes with a customer’s order. For printing sets the offset paper 80 g / m² is used. You can use coated glossy or opaque paper with a density of 115 or 130 g / m² which allows you to transfer brighter colors as the offset paper absorbs this quality partially but the price for such beautiful placemats is higher. Printing the placemats in Odessa is usually done full color, but to save your budget you can print one or two colors with offset printing, this will reduce the price of the order.

Making the placemats is reasonable from the circulation of 1000 pieces which are printed on the offset machine. Manufacturing the placemats circulation of fewer than a thousand pieces will not be so profitable due to the use of digital printing technology. In addition to paper sets it is possible to manufacture reusable placemats. To do this you should use the medium or dense lamination, in such a way the placemats can be washed and they will last long. On reusable sets they usually place a part of the cafe menu or some promotional offers. It is also possible to manufacture fabric mats on which the logo is applied with the computer embroidery or silk-screen printing. Fabric placemats will last more than one year and make your place look respectable, they are usually ordered for the restaurants.

For the price calculations and ordering the placemats contact the managers of our ‘Vmeste’ advertising agency. And remember that with us you can also order the design of the placemats of any complexity from us, and our designers will perform it promptly and efficiently.


Prices(обновлено: 05-09-2019 )

Prices for the placemats:


A3 format, digital printing (small quantities), offset paper 80 g / m², printing 4 + 0

Volume, pcs

Price, EUR








A3 format, offset printing (large quantities), 4 + 0 printing

Volume, pcs

Offset 80 g/m²

Craft 70 g/m²













Note: For the calculation of the prices for the fabric, plastic or any other type of the placemats, please, give us a call.

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