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Pillows are a type of the souvenir products which we sleep or rest on as well as it is an element of the interior of an apartment, an office or a car. Advertising uses the pillows with a logo that can be made from different materials and of different shapes. The pillows consist of a pillowcase with printing and filling. The pillows are quite a useful and non-standard gift to the customers, colleagues or partners.

Making the pillows with the logo can be done with several technologies. For the full-color printing on the pillows, sublimation on fabric is used. Atlas, satin, gabardine are used for the sublimation, from which a pillow case with a logo is made. The photo printing on pillows is also done with this technology. The inner filling is made of fluff pulp or hollow fiber, both materials do not cause allergies. The shape of the pillows is standard rectangular but we can make you a pillow in the shape of a heart, a triangle or a square. Yes, and the pillows themselves are divided into two types: pillows for home or interior and car pillows.

The car pillows with the logo are not much different from the ordinary pillows. The material of the pillowcases for them is chosen flock or fur velour most often. On such pillows the logo is applied by the computer embroidery. The form of the pillows for cars, except for the rectangular ones and the square ones, is also made of a bagel, for placing under the head during long trips or trips on the buses.

To order the pillows with the logo and calculate their cost, contact the managers of the advertising agency ‘Vmeste’ and they will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 27-09-2019 )

Pillows price:


Printing\Type Atlas 40*40 cm Heart-shaped 40*35 cm Velours, plush, fur 40*40 cm Round, d 30 cm Triangular35*35 cm Auto pillows bagel Auto pillows square
Single-side printing 12,3 15,3 13,6 12,3 12,3 20,0 16,6
Double-side printing 15,3 17,0 16,6 15,3 15,3 23,3 20,0

Production time 4-7 days. For an accurate calculation of the cost of pillows, please contact the managers.

Pillows with the logo
Pillow for Glip
Pillows production
Pillow for a gift
Pillows production
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Pillows with the logo
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Pillows with the logo
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Pillows production
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Pillows with the logo
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Pillows production
Auto pillows sample
Pillows with the logo
Auto pillows sample
Pillows production
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