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Pencils are familiar to everyone since childhood, everybody drew and colored with them. In addition to its direct function which is drawing, the pencils are still successfully used in advertising like pencils with a logo. Pencils with your company logo are one of the types of the branded souvenirs along with the other stationery: pens, notebooks, diaries and are a part of the company's corporate identity.

Pencils consist of a lead, which can be colored or gray which is also called simple. And a wooden or plastic case, which can be of the color of wood or any other color. Also they distinguish the pencils with an eraser or without one. In advertising most often for the logo the simple pencils with the gray lead are used. But they are of different types: round, square, sharpened and not sharpened, for drawing, and for construction, with and without an eraser, mechanical thin and thick. A great advantage is that the pencils can write on a soft or hard surface as well as elevated. They, unlike the other stationery, do not freeze, do not melt and do not leak. The pencils with a logo are perfect for using by waiters, will also serve well in the hotel and restaurant business and the service sector. The pencils will be an excellent gift for business people and they can help you in promoting your brand, product or service among them.

Printing a logo on the pencils is done with two technologies: pad printing or laser engraving. The laser engraving of the logo is rarely used but there is such a technical possibility. The laser cuts the top layer of a pencil and leaves a drawing or an inscription on the bottom layer, that is such printing of a logo on a pencil is possible only in 1 color. A more common printing technology is pad printing which is also used for printing on pens, cups, and any oval and rough objects. The essence of this technology is that a logo or an inscription is applied after the photo output to the matrix in the form of a pad and then dipped into the paint and rolled over the product. Pad printing is possible only for the vector logos and is applied each color one by one. Due to the fact that the pencil itself is not large, it is recommended to print the logo on the pencils in 1 or 2 colors. For the pad printing, it doesn’t matter which pencil to print on: wooden or mechanical, round or with edges but round ones are better suited for the logo printing because then you have a larger print area than on the edge. The maximum number of the colors for printing on the pencils is four colors. Pad printing is suitable for applying quite thin and precise elements and the special paint is resistant to physical impact and will last for one year. If you want to order the pencils with full-color printing, this can be done only in the workplace. Ordering of the production of the pencils is possible only in large quantities and the plants are located in Russia and China. If you are interested in this service, you can learn about it from our managers.

Making the pencils with a logo is divided into two processes: the purchase of the pencils for printing and printing a logo on them. It is important that the pencils are clean or almost blank for printing the logo on them. Wooden pencils with gray lead can be of different body colors: silver, gold, red, white, black, green, blue, yellow and more complex colors. The mechanical pencils which are a plastic case and a lead of different thickness which reaches out by pressing the button on top of the pencil, can also be of different colors and shades. But the advantage of the wooden pencils is that they are made from renewable sources and do not pollute the environment. Considering the level of pollution on our planet, more and more people are searching for eco-friendly advertising and life options, for them a pencil is an ideal option for souvenirs with a logo. And besides this a wooden natural pencil is much more pleasant to hold in hand than a plastic one. In addition the production of recycled paper pencils has recently become fashionable. If you need pencils with a colored lead but not gray, as is usually used for printing, then this is also possible in an advertising agency of the full service ‘Vmeste’.

If you are ready to order a pencil with a logo or you need any calculations of printing on the pencils and it is not on our price list, write and our managers will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 27-09-2019 )

Price of pencils:



The price of printing a logo on the pencils:

Colors\Volume 100 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 5000 pcs 10000 pcs
1 color 45 60 75 225 375
2 colors 55 95 125 335 560
3 colors 75 125 170 465 745
4 colors 105 175 245 605 1025

Production term 5-14 days

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