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Newspapers are a type of printing products in which news, articles, information, documents on social, political, economic, scientific, industrial and cultural subjects are printed. Newspapers are printed sheets of different formats, with a certain period and a permanent title. Newspapers are distinguished by the following criteria: territory, audience, subject, frequency, format, color.

According to the territory newspapers fall into: national, regional, urban, regional, rural. According to the audience, a newspaper can be for: women, children, retired people and others. On the subject of the newspaper is divided into political, scientific, entertainment, advertising and information, mixed. By frequency, they can be: daily, weekly, monthly, morning, evening, etc. The format of the newspaper is printed in A2, A3 and A4 size in complete form. By color, they can be both black and white and color, or printed in 1-2 colors.

Newspaper printing is done by digital, offset or web offset technology. When printing newspapers, you can use the so-called newsprint with a density of 45 g / m² with black-and-white printing and 60-80 g / m² with full-color printing. Although offset and even coated paper to get high-quality printing of newspapers with bright and saturated colors is recently used. Newspapers are most often printed of three types: these are newspapers A2, newspapers A3 and newspapers A4 format paper.

The manufacture of newspapers of small-print runs, usually a release of a corporate newspaper or a newspaper of a charitable foundation, is made public by digital printing technology. It is expedient at the circulation of newspapers up to 500 printed pages, if the circulation of the newspaper is more than 1000 copies, then for their production offset technology is used. If your circulation of newspapers is more than 100,000 pieces, we recommend you to use web offset printing technology that allows you to print newspapers in 1,000,000 copies per day. In order not to be mistaken in the technology of printing newspapers and get the right price for ordering newspapers, call our managers for advice.

Remember that before printing you need to make a design of newspapers. The success of your newspaper depends on how the articles and pictures are be made up, what the cover design is like, the availability of high-quality illustrations and photos. Ordering from us such a service as layout of newspapers and design in the advertising agency "Vmeste" you get a stylish, modern and easy-to-read layout for the design of newspapers in a short time.

In order to make a newspaper order, call us, we understand very well how important is the timeline for the publication of newspapers and are ready to monitor all stages of newspaper production: layout, design, printing, and delivery. And most importantly, you will not overpay, because we know how, what and where to print.


Prices(обновлено: 04-09-2019 )

The price of newspapers of 4 A3 pages 

Volume 1+1 4+1 4+4 4+4 (70 g\m²)
1000 pcs 140 280 340 475
3000 pcs 185 335 400 735
5000 pcs 240 385 455 795
10000 pcs 375 540 605 1275
15000 pcs 475 640 695 1420
20000 pcs 605 765 820 1840


The price of newspapers of 8 A3 pages:

Volume 1+1 4+1 4+4 4+4 (70 g/m²)
1000 pcs 165 315 380 715
3000 pcs 275 420 495 1195
5000 pcs 375 540 605 1455
10000 pcs 605 765 825 1975
15000 pcs 845 1040 1100 2800
20000 pcs 1100 1315 1365 3625

Note: to calculate the price of printing for a newspaper of different format, circulation, color please call us.

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