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Neckties are a type of clothing that refers to souvenirs. This is an element of business style clothing. Ties can be male, female, narrow and wide, from different materials and of different colors.

Making of neckties is fulfilled in two ways: by sewing and then applying a logo on them or by sewing directly with the image. We make 3 types of neckties with a logo. The first is the ties made with the printing technology sublimation. In this case a full-color image is printed on ties made of synthetic fabrics, most often of satin. The second way is jacquard weaving, in this case the tie is embroidered with the threads of a lot of different color and in the end you get a tie with the right logo and pattern. This is a long time technology but the ties are very beautiful and look prestigious. And the third way is the embroidery of the logo on the already made ties. The advantage of this method is that you can bring us the ties that you like for the model and the color and we will quickly embed your logo on them.

Sewing ties with a logo takes time because you need to settle on the colors of the pattern, the model and the shape of the product. Then our technologists prepare for the process of sewing the neckties and make them. The fastest way to get a tie to order is the sublimation or the embroidery on the ready-made ties. If you do not have a layout that is suitable for printing the logo, our designers are ready to help you and make it in a short time.

To order a necktie with a logo, please contact our ‘Vmeste’ Advertising Agency and we will advise you, help you find the ties and technology you need to print your logo on them.

Prices(обновлено: 25-09-2019 )

Neckties price:


Sublimation printing:

Volume, pcs 5-20 20-50 50-100 more  than 100
Gabardine, UAH/ 1 pc 7,6 6,6 5,6 5,3
Atlas, UAH/1 pc 8,6 7,3 6,6 6,0

The exact price is calculated according to the layout. Production time is 3-7 days.

The price of embroidery and jacquard weaving is calculated based on the layout (complexity of application), material and volume.

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