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Napkins are a type of souvenirs widely used in everyday life. Napkins with the logo of the company create an integral image of your institution. The napkins with the logo are used in catering establishments, hotels, restaurants, fitness clubs, they are sold at supermarkets. Napkins have become an integral attribute in almost all offices, institutions and homes.

Making of the napkins with the logo  consists of two processes i.e. the production of the napkins and printing the logo on the napkins. For the manufacture of the napkins 100% cellulose is used. The napkins with the logo are made of the premium cellulose and can be in one, two and three layers. Their size in the unfolded form is usually 33 * 33 cm, there are napkins 24 * 24 cm but they are produced less frequently and their production time is longer than that of the standard ones. They are folded in two ways: a square 4 times or a rectangle 8 times.

Printing of the logo on the napkins is done by two fundamentally different technologies: flex printing, for large numbers and silk screen printing, for the circulations from 1000 pieces. Flexography involves making the cliches, a separate cliche is made for each color and printing is done by colors. Printing is performed on the pulp rolls and a certain amount is needed to start the production of the napkins. The production with the help of the flex printing technology implies the minimum circulation of 20,000 pieces, on condition of three-layer napkins and from 25,000 pieces of the double-layer napkins, and 50,000 pieces for single-layer ones. For the manufacture of small runs of 1000 pieces, silk screen printing technology is used which is also made by color and a template is also made for each color separately. Recently, it has become possible to print a full-color image using the flexographic printing technology, which is obtained by combining 6 colors and the minimum circulation of such production is from 200,000 pieces. This all concerns dry napkins but there are also wet wipes.

Wet wipes are a type of wipes that are impregnated with a multicomponent composition of antibacterial additives and odors. They are widely used in everyday life, as well as they are used in hospitals, for wiping 3D glasses, for washing off cosmetics, for wiping computer screens and tablets, for erasing greasy stains from food and in many other places. The wet wipes with a logo come in several forms, the most popular in advertising is sachet. The wet wipes sachet is when there is one napkin in the package with the logo. Such wet wipes with the logo can be found in cinemas, they are issued for wiping glasses, in beer restaurants, for wiping hands from greasy stains, in hotels and airplanes refreshing wet wipes, in private hospitals the disinfecting ones and many other areas of their usage.

Production of the wet wipes sachets with the logo is made from 5,000 pieces. Printing on the wet wipes of the logo is done on both sides with the flex printing technology but because of the small size of the napkins themselves, we print up to 3 colors on them. The size of the napkins themselves can be different, usually it is 6 * 10, 7 * 12, 6 * 8 cm. There is a possibility of the full-color printing but to start such a production you need a minimum circulation of 30,000 pieces.

To order the napkins and the wet wipes with the logo, please, contact our managers, and they will be happy to advise something to you and accept your order.


Prices(обновлено: 25-09-2019 )

Price for napkins:


Dry wipes price

size 33 * 33 cm, folded in a square 16.5 * 16.5 cm or a rectangle 16.5 * 8 cm, flexoprint


Napkins 1000-6000 Volume 6000-10000 Volume
White, 330, 2, 25, 4 0,63 0,60
White, 330, 2, 25, 8 0,63 0,60
White, 250, 2, 50, 4 0,66 0,63
White, 250, 2, 100, 4 0,76 0,73

The price is for the package, the package can be 25-100 napkins. Cliche for 1 color 45 EUR. For full-color napkins, the minimum circulation is 200,000 pieces. Production time 10-20 days.



Price for printing wet wipes sachets:

Влажные салфеткиВлажные салфетки

Size Printing Amount in the box Price per unit
55*80 mm No printing 3000 0,036
60*120 mm No printing 1250 0,053
60*100 mm 1 цвет 750 0,066
3D Cinema No printing 0,039 0,046
Pack for 15 pieces No printing 0,043 0,20

Production time 7-14 days

Napkins production
Napkins sample
Napkins with a logo
Napkins for Bufet
Napkins production
Napkins for Vkuslandia
Napkins with a logo
Napkins for Bufet
Napkins with a logo
Napkins boxed for Mamn
Napkins production
Napkins boxed for Koblevo Pub
Napkins production
Napkins sample Kumanets
Napkins with a logo
Napkins for Mario
Napkins production
Napkins sample
Napkins with a logo
Napkins sample
Napkins production
Napkins for Paradise
Napkins with a logo
Napkins sample
Napkins production
Napkins sample
Napkins with a logo
Napkins sample
Napkins production
Napkins sample
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