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The nameplates and tags are covers (the literal translation), they can be from any material, with the necessary information printed. The nameplates and tags are voluminous labels, metal, wood, plastic, leather and of other materials. But in advertising the nameplates and tags are most often called metal plates with a coverage.

The production of the nameplates and tags consists of the choice of the material and printing on it. 3D stickers, one type of the nameplates and tags, are made on the film and filled with the epoxy resin, forming a lens on top. Printing is done digitally, less often with the screen printing. The screen printing is usually needed for gold, silver or neon ink, everything else is printed with the digital printing. The resin can be hard or soft after it stiffens. The size of the nameplates and tags of the 3D stickers can not be large, otherwise the resin will spread and the product will not have the appearance that should do. There is also a minimum circulation, usually 2 sheets of A3 format but to be precise it is from 1000 cm2.

Manufacturing of the metal nameplates and tags is possible on different types of metal. Typically, the work is done on the stainless steel, aluminum, composite. Rarely brass, regular steel, titanium and other types of metal. The size of the nameplates and tags can be almost any, the limit is the sheet of metal with which it is sold, usually it is 1*2 meters. There are several ways of printing on metal: laser engraving, graverton and UV printing. In fact, the nameplates or tags and metal plates stand for the same.

The laser engraving on the metal burns out the top layer of the metal, thereby obtaining an image of the color of the inner layer of the metal. Such printing is durable but has a limitation which is only 1 color of the engraving. Graverton is a sublimation of a special metal, the print is full-color but the colors are not as bright as on paper. The limitation of the graverton is that it can only be printed on a special metal for the sublimation and that is it. UV printing is a new technology of printing on the metal, we print in full color, but it is quite expensive.

The nameplates or tags made of wood, plastic, plexiglass, leather and so on are made with the same principle as the metal nameplates. To order the nameplates, contact Vmeste Advertising Agency and our managers will help you choose the best option and calculate the cost of the manufacture.


Prices(обновлено: 31-08-2019 )

Price printing of nameplates (stickers):

Area, cm² Price, UAH
1000 0,58
2000 0,55
3000 0,47
5000 0,36
10000 0,35
15000 0,33

How to calculate the price: Let's say you need 2 * 3 cm nameplates, with a volume of 280 pieces.

1) You count the quadrature of the nameplate, multiplying the sides: 2 * 3 = 6 cm. (One nameplate)

2) You multiply by the desired circulation: 6 * 280 = 1680 cm (entire volume).

3) Multiply your quadrature by the price of the corresponding area: 1680 * 0.58 = 974 UAH per volume

The term of production is 3-7 days.

The price of metal and plastic nameplates is considered separately. To do this, tell the manager metal or acrylic, the nameplate size, shape (rectangular, round, arbitrary), and what they need to be printed on (this can be engraving, screen printing, UV printing or a sticker). And we will make you a calculation of the cost of the nameplates.

Nameplates with the logo
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Nameplates production
Nameplates for a gift
Nameplates with the logo
Nameplates for a gift
Nameplates production
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Nameplates with the logo
Nameplates production
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Nameplates with the logo
Nameplates sample
Nameplates production
Nameplates sample
Nameplates with the logo
Nameplates sample
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