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Medals have been an insignia of distinction for a long time, in the form of a metal circle with a text and an image. Prize medals award the participants of some military operations, sports medals - athletes for achievements in sports, souvenir medals - distinguished employees and colleagues for their labor achievements, commemorative medals - on the occasion of an anniversary, wedding, birthday or other memorable events. The medal is a brass, copper or bronze metal object with three sides: front, back and side. On all three sides it is possible to apply an image or inscriptions, more information about this can be found in the article below.

The medals with the logo are an advertising service that is useful to you if you plan to order the medals in any quantity for the rewarding. All medals by and large are divided into two types: ready-made template medals and individual medals to order. Each type has its own characteristics in the manufacture, production and technology of the logo printing on the medals.

Ready-made or patterned medals exist of many types and different diameters: 30, 40, 50, 70 and 90 mm in diameter. All of them differ from each other in model, color and shape but all of them have a place in the center for a metal insert or a plate which you can engrave or sublimate the metal on. Either the patterned medals are inserted the ready-made tokens with the numbers 1, 2 or 3 in to award the winners of various competitions, or an engraving can be made in the form of an inscription or a vector drawing. Recently, it has been possible to print a full-color image on a metal shield using the graverton technology or it is also called ‘sublimation on metal’. In addition, there is also a ribbon for the medals which can be of different colors: yellow-blue, golden, silver or bronze and so on.

The medals to order are the medals that are made by different technologies not according to a pattern but according to your layout and they can be of any shape and volume, any desires of yours, the only limit may be the minimum circulation for different technologies. For the manufacture of the medals to order using three most common technologies for the production of the medals: chemical etching, stamping or embossing and casting. The production of the medals to order is made from copper or brass, these metals are the most suitable for their characteristics. The production of the medals consists of several parts: the medal itself, logo printing, cases, fasteners and ribbons. The medal itself and the methods of printing of the logo on it will be described below, and the fastening is possible in the form of a pin, collet fastening, a butterfly and a magnet. The cases can be standard or can be made individually, and they are covered with moire ribbon of different colors.

The etched medals are made by the chemical etching technology - this is the easiest, fastest and cheapest option to make the custom medals. The essence of this technology is that on a sheet of brass are made medals of the desired shape and size with the etching. First, a carving is made which squeezes out the blanks for the medals. Then the etching technology creates the necessary elements on the layout in two levels but they are on the flat surface. After making the logo, the medals can be applied with enamel of different colors but the enamel is put on one color, this technology does not allow a full-color image. The enamel can be glossy or matte, it is possible to coat it with the polymer to give the medal more volume, it can be coated with a tinting varnish. It is possible with the help of the electroplating, to cover the preparation of a medal with gold, silver, nickel, copper, bronze, to create an effect of antiquity or, on the contrary, to make it smoothly shiny or matte. The peculiarity of the etched medals is in the low threshold of the minimum circulation of only from 50 pieces and up to 2000 pieces, as well as the efficiency of the order from 4 to 10 working days.

Stamped medals or toreutic medals, which is the same thing, are manufactured by the stamping technology. For the production of the medals, a special matrix is ​​made which using a multi-ton press, squeezes a relief image on a sheet of brass, aluminum or copper. After that the workpiece can be coated with the electroplating technology in the color of gold, silver, nickel or copper. A logo is drawn with the cold or hot types of the enamel which can be coated on top with a tinting varnish or polymer to give it some volume. Unlike the etched medals, they can be embossed or voluminous which favorably distinguishes them as for their looks but the disadvantage of this technology is the very high cost of the manufacturing a matrix for the stamping and it is worth producing the toreutic medals starts from 500 pieces but it is well suited for runs of 5,000 and 10,000 pieces.

Cast medals are medals made using jewelry casting technology. This is the most difficult and expensive technology for the production of the medals and such medals belong to the VIP class. For the production of the cast medals, a wax or a metal model is made which exactly corresponds to the future circulation. Then they are filled with a special material which exactly repeats the sample and the circulation is poured over these forms. The peculiarity of this technology is the possibility of producing the medals of any volumetric shape with any even the most complex elements. For casting you can use the precious types of metal and then with the inlaid precious stones in the ready-made medals. The logo is printed with either cold or hot enamel which can be coated with polymer or varnish to give additional effects. The peculiarity of the casting is that you can make the medals of any shape, volume and complexity, but the disadvantage is the high cost of the production.

Combined medals are the production of medals using several technologies. You can make a medal blank by etching, stamping, casting or take a ready-made template medal. The logo can be made with a metal nameplate with full-color printing graverton or etched and coated with the enamel, or a 3D sticker with the full-color printing. The medal block can be a finished one or a custom one made by the stamping or casting technology. The ribbon is usually made of the moire fabric or can be made by the chemical etching and coated with the enamel. Any medal can be inlaid with the stones or coated with the help of the electroplating technology with gold, silver, nickel or bronze and so on. The combined medals can use several manufacturing techniques or the logo printing on mthem.

Vmeste Advertising Agency can make for you the medals to order of any complexity, for the calculation of the price of the manufacture or any consultation, call our managers. If you want to buy the medals or place an order for them, call us, we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 23-09-2019 )

Medals price:



The price of the template of the medal:

Calibre Ø40mm Ø50mm Ø60mm Ø70mm Ø90mm
Price 2,0 2,3 2,6 3,0 11,5

Token with printing - 3,3-5,3 EUR

The price of the medals to order: the etched medals, the stamped medals, the cast medals and the combined medals - are calculated individually and depend on the layout, size and circulation.

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