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Advertising magnets or else they are called souvenir magnets - this is a type of promotional products which is popular due to the combination of advertising information and the properties of sticking onto non-standard metal surfaces. Promotional magnets are good to use in promotions for distribution or to give to customers along with the order or the purchase. The magnets with your company logo, with useful information for your customers or with interesting phrases can be placed on the refrigerator and advertise you for years.

Magnets in advertising are gaining popularity, and lately there have been a lot of types of the magnets: plastic or acrylic, flat or vinyl, rolled or button, 3D or ceramic, resin or polymer, wooden, notepad magnets, calendar magnets, magnets on cars and others . No matter what form they are, above all, they are the magnets with a logo that can advertise you and you can choose an option based on your financial capabilities or taste. Magnets with a logo - this is an excellent advertising opportunity to bring your advertisement to the apartment of your customers because, unlike most types of printing, they will not be thrown away just like that. Below you can learn more about the production of different types as well as about printing the magnets.

The magnets with your company logo begins with the choice of the material and the ways to print a logo. Exactly different ways of making the magnets and printing the logo gave the names to their types. The very first kind which is the basis of all the others is flat magnets or they are also called vinyl ones.

Vinyl or flat magnets are flat magnets, of the random shape but most often rectangular with full color printing. The manufacture of the vinyl magnets consists of several stages. The first stage is the vinyl tape itself which is different in thickness and can be 0.4 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.9 mm, and so on. The second stage is printing on the paper layout. In the third stage, the paper is glued onto a magnetic roll and coated on top with a protective varnish or lamination and cut into the desired sizes. The thicker the vinyl tape, the better the magnet will stick onto the metal surface. The manufacture of the other types of magnets also starts with a vinyl or magnetic roll, and flat magnets are the least expensive kind.


Acrylic or plastic magnets are the second most popular type of the magnets. The manufacture of the plastic magnets consists of more steps than the production of the flat ones. The main part of the acrylic magnets is an acrylic flat box which can be of different sizes. Inside the acrylic box the layout is printed and pasted on paper, the digital or offset printing is used. After the box snaps into place and a vinyl tape is attached on the back of it which can be of different thickness. Thus, the plastic magnets are made, they are the second most popular type but they are a little more expensive than vinyl because of the plastic blank.


Rolled magnets or button magnets are a hybrid of a badge and a magnet. It looks like an insignia which is made of thin tin of different diameter and the logo or the image is printed on paper and is rolled under the protective film onto the tin plate using the rolling technology. But on the back of it, unlike the badge, it is not a pin that is attached but a magnetic tape which, as you already know, can be of different thickness. Their advantage is that they look stylish and original and also fit well on a refrigerator or other metal surface. And they are quite moderate in price, along with the acrylic and the flat magnets and come in the following sizes: 25, 38, 56 and 75 mm.


Resin or polymer magnets, or magnets with a 3D stickers. This type is also a twin brother for the polymer pins and polymer insignias. The production of the resin magnets occurs in several stages. The first stage is a full-color print of the layout on Oracal. The second stage Oracal or paper is laminated on the vinyl roll or the tape. The third stage is that the blanks are poured over with the polymer resin and after becoming solid are cut to the desired size. Thus, it is possible to make magnets with a 3D sticker of the desired size and shape. The polymer magnets are more expensive than most types but look very prestigious besides they are protected from the mechanical damage and have a bright and juicy color palette due to Oracle and the polymer resin. If you want to stand out and give your customers a memorable gift, the polymer magnets are an excellent choice.


Ceramic magnets are exclusive and fashionable magnets. They are flat and voluminous, or else they are called relief magnets. The manufacture of the magnets is done in several stages. First you need a ceramic blank, it is either completely flat or with some relief elements, you can make an individual embossed shape and make ceramic blanks on it. Then an image is printed on the ceramic blanks with full-color printing most often by sublimation. At the end on the back of the ceramic magnet the vinyl magnetic tape is attached, usually 1.5 mm thick. The ceramic magnets are more expensive than the other types of the magnets and the minimum circulation is also 100 pieces but they have the most prestigious appearance and they are the most suitable for gifts. They can be packed in a transparent bag.


Wooden magnets is the rarest type of the magnets but it is clear what it is from the name of it. The manufacture of a wooden magnet is done in several layers: 1, 2 and 3. Laser engraving is done on one layer, with two layers you can make the bottom one with a full-color picture which is glued onto a wooden base, and the second layer is engraved, and also consists of 3 layers. The magnetic tape of a certain thickness is glued to the back side. The wooden magnets are exclusive by themselves and are made out of the eco materials which will appeal to those people who refuse to use the chemical plastic and the other non-eco materials. They can be made of any shape and size from 100 pieces, on the price lists you will find an approximate price but in general everything is calculated individually. The wooden magnet will be a valuable gift to the potential customers or colleagues.


The notepad magnets are an interesting type of magnets, useful in everyday life, it is represented by a mix of a notepad and a magnet. It consists of two parts: the upper part of the magnet and the bottom one which is a notebook with the tear-off sheets. The upper magnetic part, as well as the lower part, can be of any size, the main thing is that the note sheets should be kept on a magnetic basis. The standard number of the notepad sheets is 25 pieces, they can be either pure white or squared or lined and can be with full-color printing of your logo and the contact information. The magnetic base is made from vinyl tape and can be of different thickness and the print on it is full color. The notepad magnets are a very popular and useful type of magnets their only drawback which can be named so is that the minimum circulation is of 500 pieces, everything else is only an advantage.


They have a twin brother which is calendar magnets. The calendar magnet in its structure is exactly the same as the notepad magnet but it has 12 leaves and all are different, the grid of the month is printed on them. They are more complex and expensive to manufacture due to the fact that the leaves are smaller and they are all different, the minimum circulation is 1000 pieces and they can also be made of any size, both the magnetic part and the tear-off calendar part. Sometimes they use the flat or the vinyl magnets on which the calendar is printed as the magnets but in fact they are the ordinary vinyl flat magnets and they have almost nothing to do with the calendar magnets. The cost of manufacturing the calendar magnets is individually calculated by size and circulation you wish.

Rubber magnets or silicone ones are quite rare and expensive type. Rubber or plastisol, or PVC magnets are made of plastisols and a full-color image or an image in several colors is printed on them. The silicone magnets are usually produced with silk screen printing, however, due to the nature of their production, they don’t fade away or get damaged. Either the magnetic tape or the magnet is attached to the back of the magnet depending on your wishes. The minimum print run for the production of the rubber magnets is 500 pcs. To calculate the cost, you must specify the dimensions and send us a model and specify the quantity and we will be able to calculate it, unfortunately, there are no prices for the manufacture of the silicone magnets. The rubber magnets look better and are more pleasant to touch in comparison to the other types, so they can be valuable and enjoyable gifts for your customers or colleagues. Valuable not only for customers but also for you.


Magnets on cars or car magnets. The last type of the magnets that we want to offer you. They are a full-color printing on Oracal followed by laminating printing on the magnetic vinyl tape and trimming to the desired size. The thickness of the magnetic tape is usually chosen 0.7 mm and it is firmly held, however, we can not guarantee that it will hold on any tsurface of the car and at any speed. The length of the roll can be up to 30 meters, but the width is usually 0.62 meters so it is calculated that your layout should be no wider than 62 cm. The price of the car magnets is indicated per meter. The magnets for cars are gaining popularity and are used as temporary stickers for the cars in taxi services when participating in car races and competitions, as temporary advertising on their own cars.


Thus, you learned about how many kinds of magnets there exist, how they differ from each other, about the manufacturing and production technologies, about how to print a logo and much more. If you have any questions or you are ready to order or buy some magnets, call or email our managers and they will be happy to help you. The prices for the magnets you can see below on the price list.


Prices(обновлено: 25-09-2019 )

Price for magnets:

Type/ Volume 100 pcs 250 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs
Vinyl (soft), 65*65 mm 0,35 0,29 0,28 0,26
Acrylic (plastic), 65*65 mm 0,40 0,33 0,32 0,30
Sunset (badges), 56 mm 0,63 0,58 0,55 0,53
Ceramic (flat), 68*68 mm 0,80 0,76 0,73 0,60
Wood, 40*60 mm 1,60 1,40 1,20 1,00
Polymer (with volume stickers), 50*70 mm 1,80 1,60 1,40 1,15
Notepads (with leaf), 100*70 mm 1,65 1,40 1,15 0,85

Prices are on the average version of the magnets, we produce any, the exact cost of the calculation.


The price of an auto magnet (magnet for a car) per meter, density 0.7 mm, height 62 cm:

Meter 1-2 pcs 2-5 pcs 5-10 pcs 10-20 pcs
Price 65 60 55 50

Printing on oracalum with solvent ink, vinyl density 0.7 mm, cold lamination with protective film, height up to 62 cm.

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