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Magazine is the most popular type of printed products, which is popular all over the world. Magazines are a periodical publication that has constantly been evolving over the course of history. Magazines were started in 1731 in London as a source of news with analysis, comments and more elaborate articles than in the newspapers. Throughout their development, the magazines have been on various subjects: scientific and journalistic, entertainment, advertising and information, industry, political, literature and art, sports. Up till now magazines have transformed and mostly become promotional and informational. Modern magazines have become advertising catalogs with interesting content to advertise goods and services of the premium segment. Understanding this, our advertising agency pays great attention to three issues: magazine making, printing, and design.

Printing magazines is a rather complicated process unlike printing most types of products. A good magazine should be a well-selling product for people and advertisers. The success of the magazine is determined by good, interesting content, beautiful and colorful photos and illustrations, which involves journalists’, photographers’ and designers’ work. But even a successful combination of the above factors is already the first step towards success. We will take over the remaining stages of manufacturing the magazines: this is design and printing. Printing magazines should be treated very carefully, it is important to print them on new and good equipment,which will make precise color reproduction and good printing quality.

How to start making magazines and what does it depend on? The first parameter we will tell you about is the circulation of magazines. Small editions of magazines are printed on the draft, it is convenient and fast, but for large editions it is expensive and not profitable. Large editions of magazines are printed in two ways of offset printing: a sheet or a roll offset. The choice of technology will be prompted by our managers, after they learn the following important parameter of the journals: the format and the number of pages. Typically, printing magazines are of A4 or A5 final format. The number of pages often starts from 16 sheets, but it can be any, the only thing to remember is that the number of pages depends on the way the content is assembled. If you plan to make your magazine with staple binding, you need a number of pages which is a multiple of four, and if there is a thermal binder or a hard cover, you need a number of pages which is a multiple of two. Also, for additional strength and durability, you can use the firmware on the threads first, and then fix them with a thermal lead. It is also worthwhile to discuss the paper choice separately; for the inside unit, choose standard coated glossy paper with a density of 90 to 130 g / m². But for the cover, in addition to standard coated paper with a density of 200-350 g / m², recently you can see one of the varieties of designer paper or cardboard. In our advertising agency you can choose the cover for your magazine from more than 500 types of paper.

If you want to print a magazine that will draw attention to its background and be attractive with its glossy sheets, we can offer you a lot of options of the final look of your magazine. First, the cover of a magazine or some elements of the inside unit can be covered with some solid, convex or selective varnish cover which will make it pleasant to touch and to your eye. Secondly, on the cover you can use selective velvet, blind embossing or hot stamping with silver, bronze or gold foil. Thirdly, this is a matter of magazine design. This is the most scrupulous and important step on the way to publishing magazines. Our designers will be able to bring any of your ideas to life, given the technical requirements for printing magazines in a short time and at reasonable prices.

In order to place an order on printing magazines and calculate the price of printing, contact our phone number or e-mail our managers, we will try to do everything we can to make you satisfied.


Prices(обновлено: 04-09-2019 )

Price of magazines:  


А4 Magazine

(in the expanded form 297 * 420, in the final form 210 * 297, 4 + 4, chalk 130 g / m², 2 brackets)

Pages\Volume 10 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 1000 pcs 5000 pcs
8 pgs 35 135 380 640 1930
12 pgs 45 180 510 825 2470
16 pgs 55 225 625 1000 3010
32 pgs 90 385 1090 1730 5155

Note: Magazine production time is 3-7 days   


The price of magazines depends on:

  • The price of magazines depends on:
  • Circulation (from 1 to 10,000 pieces);
  • Format (from A3 to A5 in the final form);
  • Number of pages (from 4 to 168);
  • Choice of paper cover (from 150 to 350 g / m²) and inside unit (45 to 150 g / m²);
  • Journal assembly option (staples, thermal binder, threads + thermal binder);
  • After-printing processing (solid, convex or selective varnishes, hot stamping, embossing, die-cutting and other).


Making magazines
Magazines sample
Making magazines
Magazines sample
Making magazines
Magazines sample
Printing magazines
Magazines sample
Printing magazines
Magazines sample
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