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The lightbox is a type of signs in the form of a box which refers to the outdoor advertising. The lightbox can be of two types: luminous and non-luminous. The name implies a luminous version but in practice you can often find a box without light. The lightboxes are the most common type of the outdoor advertising signs. They are used both from the outside and the inside of the premises, they are distinguished by the easiness of the manufacture and the low price.

The lightbox manufacturing is a 3-step process. First, the design of the layout of the sign is done, it is better to delegate it to a technical savvy who understands the production of the signs. The second stage is the manufacture of the light box. And the third stage is its installation which is better to be entrusted to the specialists so that it will not be dropped and the lightbox itself would not have to be remade. The manufacture of the light box at each company is done in its own way. We, most often, make it out of PVC plastic or acrylic of 2, 3, 5 mm thickness and with the LED backlight. The way of the installing of the film is chosen according to the layout, it can be a large-format print or application of the plotter cutting of the different types of the film. The standard lightboxes are made single-sided or double-sided. But we can make a light box of any shape, they are also called figure box as well as curved or concave products.

The lightbox production has its own characteristics. The process of making the sign itself consists of the purchase of various materials, printing or cutting of the film, if necessary milling of the shaped elements. Due to the presence of a number of production stages, the cost of a lightbox does not so much depend on the size but on the quantity and materials used. For the price there are four groups of the lightboxes: one-sided, double-sided, shaped and curved. Double-sided lightboxes are also called panel-bracket or building side sign, this is caused by the installation method. The shaped ones are more expensive due to the presence of the milling stage, as well as more complex work on gluing the sides and installing the film. And either the concave ones or the arched light boxes are the most expensive types because the moulding of the plastic is needed to make them, it is a rather expensive technology, it makes sense to do it in circulations.

To order a lightbox, you can contact Vmeste Advertising Agency. Write or call us and our managers will be happy to advise you something and promptly make a price calculation.


Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

The lightboxes price:


Type/Size less 1 m² 1-4 m²
Rectangular, onesided 135 120
Rectangular, reversible 220 200
Figured, onesided 155 135
Figured, reversible 245 225

Production time 3-7 days. Find out the exact prices from managers.

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