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Leaflets are the most common type of printing products besides the business cards. Leaflets are easy to understand, they are a sheet of paper of different sizes and shapes which is used to advertise any products, services or establishments of any kind of business. Leaflets contain advertising information that could potentially attract new customers to you. They are the most affordable type of advertising at the most reasonable price, they have been used for a long time across the board so it’s very important that your flyer be noticeable. In this article we will tell you about the processes of printing and making leaflets, as well as suggest options to make your flyers stand out among the others.

The printing of leaflets is done by two basic printing technologies: digital printing for little numbers or for printing leaflets urgently and offset printing for bigger numbers and low prices for printing leaflets. The printing of leaflets is most often done two-ways in order to place more information about goods or services and also with full-color printing as it’s not really common to save money on the cheapest printed products. The size of the leaflets can be any, but the most advantageous by the price is to print the standard sizes: Euro, A7, A6, A5 and A4, it depends on the amount of information that needs to be conveyed through the leaflet. Leaflets are usually printed on coated paper with a density of 130 g / m², but you can also print with a different density and even on offset paper.

The production of leaflets is preferable with the use of technologies that can distinguish you from the total number of your competitors. For example, we can offer you after printing leaflets to cover them with a full gloss or opaque varnish which will already make them remarkable in the way they look and feel. It is also possible to cover the logo with a selective varnish or convex to the touch. You can also make leaflets of free shape using figured cutting. These ways of making leaflets will make them exclusive and will draw 100% of attention to them but this can significantly increase the price of the leaflets.

But the most important thing in this type of printing is the design of leaflets. A good leaflet design is the key to the success of the product or service they promote. A potential client should have a desire to read the information on the leaflet, to meet this requirement the design should be comprehensible, simple, emphasizing the most important details, vivid and memorable. Another trick is the possibility to print something useful on the reverse side, for example, the calendar for the next year, the telephones of the city or the region utilities. People will keep such a leaflet, despite the fact that the advertising information itself may not be interesting but at some point you will be remembered about. Therefore, we recommend you to order the design of your leaflets at Vmeste Advertising Agency, our designers have extensive experience in creating layouts, they work fast and at the reasonable prices and - most importantly - with a high level of professionalism.

If you are ready to order flyers or you need any additional advice or calculations, call us and our managers will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 03-09-2019 )

Leaflets price:  


Leaflets Euro (99 * 210 mm), 130 g \ m², print 4 + 4 (full color)

Volume, pcs Price, EUR
100 28
500 32
1000 36
2500 58
5000 105


Leaflets A6 (105 * 148 mm), 130 g \ m², print 4 + 4 (full color)

Volume, pcs Price, EUR
100 24
500 29
1000 34
2500 53
5000 95


Leaflets A5 (148 * 210 mm), 130 g \ m², print 4 + 4 (full color)

Volume, pcs Price, EUR
100 35
500 38
1000 48
2500 90
5000 145


A4 leaflets (210 * 297 mm), 130 g \ m², print 4 + 4 (full color)

Volume, pcs Price, EUR
100 68
500 73
1000 95
2500 165
5000 275

Notes: The leaflet production time is 1-3 days. You may call us for the calculation of the price of the leaflets with a glossy or opaque varnish and different density of paper.

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