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Key chains

Key chain is one of the types of souvenirs, which was originally used to carry keys as a small souvenir. Nowadays, it performs the function of decoration, and in advertising keychains with a logo perform an important long-playing advertising function. Especially if the key chain is made of high-quality materials and looks gorgeous, for many years it will advertise your company on the keys of your potential customers.

Making key chains is possible from different materials: metal, plastic, PVC, acrylic, plastisol, leather and wood. Key chains are one of the few types of souvenirs, in which most types are made individually. Making key chains is possible in different technologies: casting, stamping, etching.

The print the logo on key chains depends on the key material of the key chain on which the logo will be printed. Metal is usually printed with technologies: engraving - a logo is engraved with a laser or an inscription in a single color, graverton - full-color printing on metal, chemical etching - a hollow on the metal, which is then enamelled, polymer resin nameplates - volume sticker with full-color printing. On plastic, PVC and plastisol, printing is made screen-printing in the process of making a key chain. Laser engraving is done on wood and glass or the company logo is burned. Acrylic key chains are hollow inside, the printing insert, which is printed in full color, is put into them. Blind embossing is made on leather key chains, and then it can be painted over with screen-printing technology.

The production of key chains is possible of all kinds, as well as from any materials. The minimum print run for the production of keychains is 50 pcs. To calculate the cost, we need your vector layout, choice of material and print run. Key chains can be ready-made blanks, on which it remains only to print the logo, or you can make them specifically for you. You can order the production of: metal, PVC, plastic, acrylic, plastisol, rubber, key rings with a swivel ring, key chains with a polymer lens, leather, antistress key chains, key chains in the form of toys, flash drives key chains, flashlights, key chains from glass and so on.

Metal key chains can be in the form of finished blanks that you can buy and put on them engraving or bulk sticker. You can make a token with a graverton, this is a full-color print on the metal and insert it into the workpiece if it contains a slot for the token. And you can order the manufacture of metal keychains on an individual layout. They can also be made by etching technology, when logo and inscriptions are etched on flat blanks, which can then be coated with colored enamels and with protective varnish on top. This is the most inexpensive and fast production technology of individual key chains. The next production technology is stamping or else it is called chasing. This is a technology in which a matrix is ​​made and, with the help of a press, key chains of the desired size and shape are extruded onto the metal. The feasibility of the manufacture of metal key chains stamping technology is from 1000 pieces. And cast key chains – that is the best and most elite of all variants of metal key chains. Casting technology is when they are poured out of metal of any shape and volume, it can be an airplane, a machine, an animal, any geometric figure, in general, 3D key chains are obtained.

Plastic key chains or acrylic usually come in the form of standard blanks of different shapes with the possibility of printing inserts. Plastic key chains can be rectangular, square, oval, oblong and other shapes, inside they are empty. Inserts are printed by digital or offset technology and inserted into the workpiece. After closing the key chain, it is almost impossible to open it. These are the simplest of all types of key chains, as blanks are usually ready, and printing and cutting a printing insert is a matter of a couple of days. Plastic key chains with a flashlight, USB flash drive or tape measure are also possible, but these are not always suitable for applying a logo, and if they are not available, they are made in large batches.

Plastisol key chains or rubber, or silicone, or PVC - all these names are almost the same. Plastisol key chains are soft and elastic, they do not have sharp corners. On the one hand they are flat, on the other hand embossed with the logo. Paint on them is applied by silk screening method immediately during production and is never erased. The size and shape of the rubber key chains may be different, it all depends on your layout. Their production is possible in large quantities at an affordable price. This type of key fobs is very durable and wear-resistant, and the logo print on them will never fade and will not be erased.

Key chains with a lens or with bulk stickers, or polymer key chains that are all the same are made of two parts: the base of the workpiece and the nameplate. Schild is a three-dimensional label that is printed on the foil oracal with a full-color print and then poured with a polymer resin. In the end, it turns out a lens that is resistant to deformation, soft, but easily restores its volume and is very effective in appearance. Key chains with a lens are made from the base of plastic or metal and bulk stickers, which are glued on one or both sides. They can be made individually of any sizes and shapes, or take ready-made metal blanks and make schilds on them and glue them.

Leather key chains are made from leather blanks, which are cut to a certain shape, according to your layout. It can be rectangular, square, round shape and then connected with metal fittings. The logo on leather key chains is printed using the blind embossing method. A cliche is made on your layout with a logo and inscriptions, then under the temperature the image on the skin is stamped and remains forever. The logo on leather key chains can be painted in several colors using the silk screening method and coated with a protective varnish on top, which will protect the paint from abrasion and other mechanical effects.

In addition, there are still one-sided or double-sided key chains. There are key chains with a swivel ring, the result depends on the accessories and they look very cool. You can make them from wood with a logo applied by burning or bulky glass key chains with a logo inside using laser engraving. In general, the process of production or manufacture of key chains consists of two main parts: the blank for the key chain and the method of printing the logo on the key ring, and, of course, accessories. If the blank for the key chain is not finished or you want a certain size or shape, then you need to make it. On average, the production of individual key chains starts from 50 pieces, but a lot depends on the materials, manufacturing techniques, and methods of printing the logo. The production of an individual key chain is done according to your layout, if you do not have one, then you can order the key chain design from our designers. In order to place an order for the key chain, call or write to our advertising agency of the full cycle “Vmeste” and our managers will be happy to calculate or accept your order.


Prices(обновлено: 25-09-2019 )

Key chains price:

Blanks of plastic trinkets of various shapes:

1-5 pcs 5-20 pcs 20-50 pcs 50-100 pcs 100-500 pcs 500-1000 pcs
0,66 0,65 0,63 0,60 0,57 0,53


Blanks of metal trinkets of various shapes:

1-5 pcs 5-20 pcs 20-50 pcs 50-100 pcs 100-500 pcs
3,0 2,5 2,4 2,3 2,2


Blanks for metal key rings with a rotary ring:

1-5 pcs 5-20 pcs 20-50 pcs 50-100 pcs 100-500 pcs
3,3 3,2 3,1 3,0 2,9

The price of blanks is indicated without the cost of printing a logo, which is calculated separately. We have a large number of trinkets, upon request we will send photos of those that are not available.

To calculate the production of individual trinkets (metal, rubber, wood) send the layout to the post office or call our managers.

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