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Invitation cards

Invitation cards are a type of postcard or flyer that informs about and invites to an upcoming event. Invitations are like printing, and like any type of printed products, invitations have the same characteristics of printing, paper and production technologies. Invitations are of different types, and accordingly they are printed in different ways. In advertising, there are invitations to parties, invitations to the wedding, invitations to other events. But by and large invitations are distinguished by the technology of their production, and not by the methods of their application.

Printing invitations to events with a small number of participants is usually made with digital print. This print is suitable for prompt printing of invitations in small print runs. Digital printing is usually printed on coated paper of different density: from 130 to 350 g / m². The format of the invitation can be of any size, but to save space, the invitation prints of standard formats that fall evenly on the printed sheets A3. Thus, invitations make euro format, A5, A6 formats, and also make double invitation ones, using scoring and folding the product in half.

A similar method of offset printing has made invitations in large quantities, designed for mass events. The difference is the production of invitation printed digital or offset technology only in two parameters: speed and circulation. Digitized print small runs for a couple of hours, offset print large runs for a couple of days. In addition to the process of printing invitations pass the stage of post-printing. It is at this stage that regular invitations can become unique and presentable, not only because of their design. Invitations can be bent several times in an arbitrary way using scoring. Invitation can be made not only rectangular in shape, but also any other, using figured cutting or plotter cutting along the contour. Invitations can be covered with a continuous varnish glossy or matte, and it is possible to cover with a selective or rough varnish certain invitation elements: a logo or text. But all these methods acquire a much stronger effect when using not ordinary coated paper, but when printing invitation cards on designer papers or cardboards.

Invitations with a logo for cool events, for a wedding, for significant events are made, as a rule, using the screen-printing technique. This technology allows you to print on any textured paper and cardboard. Silk-screen printing can be printed not with usual paints, but using pantone paints, including gold and silver. In silk screen printing, invitations often use gold or silver foil embossed text or logo, which gives the invitation a special high cost. VIP invitations can be printed on exclusive papers, using any varnishes, foil stamping or blind embossing of selected elements, in general, allows you to show any imagination. The only disadvantage of such a printing invitation is that they can not be full-color, but only consist of several colors, and also need a certain circulation. Since the manufacture of invitation small editions is fraught with a high price, due to the manufacture of stencils for applying paint or varnish.

Summing up, you can order invitations for events of any level in the advertising agency of the full cycle "Vmeste". We can make your invitations in small editions of standard sizes as well as VIP invitation cards on designer cardboards with the wonders of post-printing. You can also order a design invitation from us, and our designers will make it to your taste just in time.


Prices(обновлено: 04-09-2019 )

Invitation production price:    


The price of printing of the usual invitation. Paper 350 g / m ², printing type is 4 + 4.

Type\Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2500 pcs
А6 (4+4) 13 20 53 60 185
А5 in А6 (4+4, 1 sc) 23 40 105 125 355
Euro (4+4) 16 30 63 75 215
2*Euro (4+4, 1 sc) 40 55 125 150 425
А4 в А5 (4+4, 1 sc) 43 83 180 225 625

For calculation of VIP printing invitations or using silk-screen printing, blind embossing, foil stamping, varnishing, cutting or cutting along the contour - please contact the managers.

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