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Insignia pins

Insignia pins are a familiar kind of souvenirs to everybody, it usually is a small sign that is attached to your clothing. Insignia pins are a decoration, a part of the company's corporate identity, corporate attributes, a good gift to the potential customers, colleagues, partners and an excellent marketing tool when conducting promotional campaigns to promote both goods and services. In advertising the insignia pins with a logo exist of different types, purpose, materials of manufacturing and there are quite a few options for printing a logo on them. The production of insignia pins is possible of the following types: button badges, rolled badges, plastic badges, tin badges, printing badges, metal badges, stamped badges, cast badges, etched badges, polymer badges and lens badges. By purpose the insignia pins vary: corporate badges, company badges, wedding badges, deputy badges, party badges, academic badges, graduate badges, award badges, club badges, anniversary badges, memorable badges, promotional badges, school badges, fan badges and sports badges. Also the printing of the insignia pins with a logo is possible with the following methods: printing insert, chemical etching, stamping, enameling, laser engraving and graverton. About all these types of production of the badges and more about the methods of making them you can learn by reading the article below, everything is much easier than it seems.

Plastic insignia pins which are button badges swell as rolled badges or they can also be called tin ones. All this is one and the same type and it represents a round-shaped badge consisting of a printing insert, a tin base, a protective film and an euro pin type fastening. Tin blank for the plastic badge is of a round shape and can be different diameter: 25 mm, 36 mm, 43 mm and 56 mm. Printing insert is made with a digital printing and cut out of the round shape of the desired diameter. On the top of it the button badge is covered with a polyester transparent film to protect the badge from water, dust, dirt and mechanical damage. The production of the plastic badges takes place on a special machine that collects all three elements into a single plastic badge and on the other side there is a fastening in the shape of a European pin with the help of which the insignia badges cling to the clothes. The area to use the plastic badges in the first place is a massive distribution during the promotions, you can also distribute them during conferences, workshops, exhibitions, so that visitors have memories of your company. Moreover the plastic badges are very popular with schoolchildren and teenagers in the form of jokes, memes and various cool phrases, for them this is primarily a decoration. Rolled or button badges have the following advantages: fast production time, full color printing and low cost of making them but they are inferior to all other types of the badges in appearance because of their simplicity.


Metal badges made with the chemical etching techniques or so-called ‘etched badges’. Such badges are made of brass sheet and the logo is applied with enamel or laser engraving, how is the production of such badges going? First you need to make a vector layout of the insignia pin, then the photo output of the image of the future badge is done and placed on a metal plate which is placed in a chemical solution, where a small metal layer is etched over the picture on the film. After that the desired shapes and sizes of the badge are carved out of the plate, and the etched elements are enameled, then the badge is lowered into the plating bath to obtain electroplating of gold or silver. The technology of chemical etching makes it possible to obtain very thin lines on a future badge with a thickness of 0.02 mm. On the back of it there can be a fastening for the badges: euro pin, collet fastening or butterfly. The pattern is created by coating etched elements of different types with the enamel, they can be coated using the cold enamel technology or the hot enamel or the epola enamel. At this moment there are about 100 types of enamel of different colors, they can also be glossy or matte, please, contact our managers for the color matching. You can also apply the inscription or logo laser engraving technology but it can only be in 1 color either light or dark. The laser engraving is well used in manufacturing of the metal badges in combination with the enamel coating as well as in the creation of the individual badges with numbering or nominal badges. The advantage of this technology is that it is possible to make the metal badges of small circulations from 50 pieces and also rather quickly compared to the other types of the metal badges. Their area of implementation is very wide but with an emphasis on the possibility of making small printing quantities of 50 pieces these can be: graduate badges, participants of the competition badges, corporate badges, company badges as an element of the company's corporate style, deputy badges, anniversary badges and many others.

Metal badges made with the stamping technology as they are also called stamped badges or toreutic badges. These are also metal badges that are made from a sheet of brass with engraving of the logo with the enamel or the laser engraving. But the method of their production differs significantly from the manufacturing of the metal insignia pins of the chemical etching. First a three-dimensional layout is made, according to which a stamp is made which embosses the pins by the means of squeezing. With this method of making the badges, you can get the three-dimensional images on metal such as on coins and medals. After this the insignia pins are given the desired size and shape of the edges and the deepenings made are enameled with the desired colors and shades. After making the stamped badges they are plated with gold or silver and one of the fasteners is attached: a pin or a butterfly. The peculiarity of the toreutic badges is that they turn out to be embossed thus unique and looking prestigious. Someone's portrait can be stamped on them or a soccer ball or the outlines of a flag flying in the wind. The disadvantage of this technology is a rather high price and that it is a time-consuming procedure as for the manufacturing of a stamp due to which the feasibility of using this technology starts with a circulation of 1000 pieces and a production period of three weeks. But if you need a large circulation of the insignia pins, using the maximum number of effects, the stamped badges will be the best choice in terms of a price-quality ratio. The sphere of usage of the toreutic badges is the same as that of the etched badges but with an emphasis on the minimum circulations of 1000 pieces, these may be: badges for the educational institution which are given out upon admission to a school, a technical school or a college; badges for the participants in the international competitions; political party pins; the image badges as an element of the corporate identity in large nationwide Ukrainian companies or enterprises.

Metal badges produced wit the casting technology are so-called ‘cast badges’. This is the most difficult method of manufacturing the metal badges. The cast insignias are also called VIP badges. The production of the cast metal pins begins with the manufacture of some wax shape made on a three-dimensional layout. After making the wax shape the metal is poured into it and put under the temperature influence. After the casting process is over, the future insignia is plated with gold, silver or nickel. The peculiarity of this insignia production technology is that you can make 3D badges of any size with any complex details, lines, or outlines. This technology is used in the manufacture of jewelry, the cast badges can also be decorated with precious stones, gold, silver or platinum. Logo printing on the cast badges is also done with the enamel coating or the laser engraving. Concerning the fastening for these badges, you can choose one of three options: collet, butterfly and pin. In addition, it is customary to give the cast badges along with the special boxes for them or, at least, in the velvet bags, which you can order from us along with the badges. The cast badges will be the perfect gifts for the employees to strengthen the team spirit and awarding the distinguished colleagues,  or as a pleasant gift for your business partners. The cast badges in their appearance are more like some awards or medals, so they can be used to both promote and  reward. The terms of manufacturing the cast badges start with two weeks, so consider ordering the metal badges in advance.

Corporate badges or polymeric badges, or badges with a volume label are made of three parts. The first part is a metal flat blank made of brass which can be of different shapes: round, square, rectangular, elongated diamond and so on; you can learn the full list of forms from our managers. The second part is the manufacture of a shield or it is also called a 3D sticker. To do this a full-color image is printed on the vinyl film, then it is poured with the epoxy resin on the top, a solid label is hardened and then glued onto a flat metal blank of the badge. And the workpiece itself is coated with white nickel or gold. And the third part is fastening in the form of a pin which is attached from the back side to the metal blank of the badge. The corporate icons after their production look quite attractive due to their volume and bright color. The advantage of this technology is the production of the insignias in full-color printing as well as at a lower cost than that of the metal badges, while it is possible to manufacture small quantities of the badges from 50 pieces. Their field of usage is as wide as that of the etched metal badges which are also possible to produce from 50 pieces but concerning the price they are cheaper than the etched ones.

The magnet insignias as a kind of button badges. Making the magnet badges is exactly the same as the plastic badges. The same technology of printing a full-color image, rolling it under a protective film on a tin base but on the reverse side the fastening is not a pin but a magnet. The magnet badges also come in standard diameters: 25 mm, 36 mm, 43 mm and 56 mm. The thickness of the magnetic adjustment is 0.7 mm which is enough to firmly attach to any metal surface such as a refrigerator, for example. The magnet badges are a bit more expensive than the rolled or plastic ones but also suitable for the mass distribution. Their advantageous difference is a magnetic fastening such icons are new on the market and it can easily surprise your potential client by giving them such a gift.

This was a description of the technology of making of the insignias as well as their main types and methods of printing the logo on the badges. If you are interested in any other types, or the calculation of the cost of manufacturing the insignias or you are ready to order them - write to our managers, they will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 25-09-2019 )

Insignia pins price:


Price for plastic badges, rolled badges, tin badges:

Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 5000 pcs 10000 pcs
25 mm 0,42 0,39 0,33 0,30 0,26 0,23
36 mm 0,43 0,40 0,34 0,31 0,27 0,24
43 mm 0,44 0,41 0,35 0,32 0,28 0,25
56 mm 0,45 0,42 0,36 0,33 0,29 0,26

Note: production time is 3-6 days.


Price for corporate badges, polymer badges, volumetric sticker badges, lens badges:

Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 250 pcs 500 pcs
less 7 cm² 1,11 0,83 0,71 0,56
less 10 cm² 1,26 1,00 0,79 0,65

Note: production time is 3-6 days. "butterfly" mount. Standard Stamp.


Price for magnetic badges: 

Caliber/ qty 100 pcs 250 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs
25 mm 0,65 0,61 0,59 0,55
36 mm 0,73 0,68 0,66 0,61
43 mm 0,78 0,73 0,71 0,65
56 mm 0,83 0,81 0,73 0,68

Note: Production time is 3-6 days.


Calculating the manufacture of metal badges, etched badges badges stamping, casting icons embossed badges, VIP badges are individual!

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