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Holders or as they are correctly called in the menu advertising holders are plastic holders for printing. Holders on the tables are made of transparent acrylic, and the polygraph is inserted inside or stickers are stuck on top of the plastic. Menu holders are convenient because they look aesthetically pleasing and transmit the necessary information to the client, being at eye level. Menu holders put on the tables in cafes, at the reception in sports and entertainment facilities, used in hospitals, and recently they have been ordered by everyone who cares about their image. After all, a beautiful print holder looks much better than an ad printed on a printer and taped to a rack or glass.

The manufacture of holders is made from acrylic of various colors, most often from transparent. The holder consists of two parts: a flat part under which the polygraphy is inserted and a stand that holds the menu of the holder on the plane. The stand can be pasted over with stickers with the company logo or contact information that will stand out. Holders are distinguished by the sizes, the standard sizes of the menu of A4, A5 holders and euro format. But we can make A3 format holders, various sizes and even three-sided designs.

The table tent is another name for the holders, derived from the original purpose of this design to advertise the restaurant menu. Table tents or table holders are placed on tables in cafes and advertise some menu items or discounts, promotions. What is convenient holders, so it is that you can change the information in them at least every day, which contributes to the promotion of the kitchen.

You can order holders in the “Vmeste” advertising agency, we will offer you various models of holders, and also print inserts for them and we can additionally brand them with silk-screen printing or stickers.


Prices(обновлено: 23-09-2019 )

Price for menu holders:


Size Price, EUR
Euroholder 2,0-3,3
A5 Holder 2,3-4,6
A4 Holder 4,6-6,6
A3 Holder 16,6-23,3
Other holders 6,6-16,6

Terms of manufacturing of the menu holders 2-5 days The exact cost will be offered to you by managers.

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Holders production
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