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Hats with a logo is a type of the seasonal advertising and the souvenir products. The hats with the logo is an excellent reason to declare yourself as an advertisement of your company on warm winter hats. Most people in winter wear hats so you have the opportunity to make a useful and pleasant gift for your customers or colleagues by ordering the hats with the logo.

Making the hats with the logo is performed of acrylic mesh or fleece fabric. The acrylic hats are knitted and can be with or without a turn-up. When knitting it, you can make a simple drawing or inscription using two or three colors. The fleece hats can be from the good European fleece or from the budget Chinese one. The knitted hats can be single-layer or double-layer which naturally affects the price. They are made with a minimum circulation of 100 pieces just like the scarves, as an exception, you can make from 50 pieces. The hats can additionally be decorated with a pompon which will slightly increase the cost.

Printing of the logo on the hat is done most often in two ways: with embroidery or a special chevron or as a tag. Computer embroidery makes the logo on a knitted or a fleece cap, and makes it by colors. The cost of the embroidery varies depending on the size of the embroidery itself, the frequency of the stitches and the number of the colors of the thread. You can also make jacquard chevrons with thermal glue which are also made by color and with a minimum circulation of 300 items. You can also print a logo on the fabric tags, jacquard weaving or sublimation on satin and sew onto the hats. You can use the combined logo print options on the hats.

New Year's hats with a logo is another direction for making the hats. Santa Claus's (Father Frost’s) Christmas hats are traditionally red in color with a white backing. The logo can be printed in one color or the embroidery can be made. For the New Year's corporate party Santa Claus hats will become an essential attribute of the holiday.

You can order the winter hats with a logo by contacting our managers who will tell you how best to print a logo on them and calculate the exact cost of the order.


Prices(обновлено: 23-09-2019 )

Price for hats with the logo:

Type\Volume 100 pcs 200 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs
Knitted hat for children 4,2 4,1 4,0 3,8
Knitted hat adult 5,2 4,9 4,8 4,7
Fleece hat 3,7 3,5 3,4 3,3
Santa Claus hat 3,8 3,5 3,3 3,2

Production time 10-18 days. Bomber +0,25 EUR. Chevron +0,75 EUR. The price is approximate, accurate miscalculation on the layout.

Hats with the logo
Hat for a gift
Print a logo on a hat
Hat for Dzudo
Hats with the logo
Hats sample
Print a logo on a hat
Hats sample
Hats with the logo
Hats sample
Print a logo on a hat
Hats sample
Hats with the logo
Hats sample
Print a logo on a hat
Hats sample
Hats with the logo
Hats sample
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