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Frames are an element of the design for the posters, banners, paintings, refers to the outdoor advertising although it is used most often for the indoor advertising. The frames are needed for placing the posters, the advertising banners, paintings on the canvas in them. They can be of different sizes and types, they can be ready-made, or we can make them individually.

The most common type will be the ready click system frames of the aluminum profiles. They consist of the frame itself, a plastic backdrop and a protective film with an anti-reflective coating in front, as well as a set for fastening. They distinguish the frames as for the click profile width, it can be 25 or 32 mm, and as for the angles too, they can be rectangular or rounded, it depends on the profile. The popularity of this type of the frames for the posters is due to the simplicity of changing the poster, all you need to do is just click the frame and replace the image.

The next most popular type of the frames can be called the frames on the braces. They represent the framework from the metal profile with the pins on 4 corners with the help of which the poster is fastened. By the size of such a frame, as well as a frame with a click system, are from A4 to A0 size. Their main advantage is that they can accommodate a two-sided advertisement, and since the frame does not have a backdrop, it will be visible from two sides. They also have an interesting, non-standard look, suitable for high-tech or postmodern style.

Another type of the frame is the standard picture frames. They are rectangular, of different sizes, with a plastic or metal profile, have a cardboard backing and the glass on top. Such frames are intended for long-lasting advertisement, for example: award plates, pictures for decorating the office, posters, photographs and other products that do not require updating the picture. Their main difference is that they are without the click system, that is, to change the inside, you need to bend the clamps on the back side, remove the cardboard box and change the poster, then repeat the operation to assemble it back.

There is also a kind of the frames in the form of the clips for the posters. In fact, these are two metal strips with the clips that can be fastened at the top and the bottom of the poster, the banner or the fabric. They function as the weights so that the poster does not curl and hang smoothly. Th poster frames can be used not only for the paper, they can also hold cloth or vinyl on which some banners can be printed. Well suited for the conference or the presentation options where you need to show some posters and then easily roll them up and pick them up.

Separately, framelights are worth mentioning - these are luminous frames with the diode side illumination. This is a class of VIP frameworks which is by far the best, suitable for high-status clients who care about their image. Thanks to the backlight, the poster image is especially bright, juicy and colorful. The framelights attract attention and at the moment are the best options from the circulation works.

All these types of the frames are related to the ready-made solutions that are purchased from the warehouse but in addition, we are engaged in the manufacture of the frames individually. We can make the frames from any materials, sizes and types. This option is suitable if you want to stand out from the crowd, to make a unique and exclusive product. We can make you a frame from both a banal profile click one and a wooden frame with the milling, varnishing or bronzing and many, many different other options. In the manufacture of the custom frames, we can use the whole range of advertising technologies, from the laser engraving to the full-color UV printing on metal or plastic.

To order a frame call to the advertising agency ‘Vmeste’ and our managers will be happy to help you place an order or consult you on any matter.


Prices(обновлено: 04-10-2019 )

Frames price:


Type of the frame\Size А4 (210*297 mm) А3 (420*297 mm) А2 (420*594 mm) А1 (594*840 mm) А0 (840*1190 mm)
Click frames, rectangular, 25 mm 18,0 24,0 26,0 31,0  
Click frames, rounded, 25 mm 24,5 30,5 32,5 40,0  
Click frames, rectangular, 32 mm 20,0 26,5 31,0 40,0 57,0
Click frames, rounded, 25 mm 26,5 34,5 38,0 46,5 64,0
Stretch frames 15,5 16,5 19,5 22,5 31,0
Poster Clamps     16,5 22,0 26,5
Frelights     240 300 385

If you did not find your option, contact the managers and they will tell you the cost of producing a framework of individual parameters. The term for manufacturing the frames is 2-5 days.

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Frames with click system
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