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Flyer is the most popular type of printing along with business cards. Flyers are small leaflets. Flyers and leaflets are the same in appearance, but with differences in purpose. Flyers are most often printed for operational advertising of the opening of a store, the announcement of seminars or exhibitions, an invitation to a conference, a party or a concert, when new products, services or services appear. They provide a discount, notify about the action or are an invitation to all sorts of events.

Flyer printing is done by two printing technologies: digital printing for small runs and fast production and offset printing for large runs and low cost. The printing of flyers is done with full-color printing from one or two sides, with modern technologies, the production of the price of printing from one or two sides does not change. Printing is possible on coated papers of varying density, but more common and cheaper option is printing on coated paper 130 g / m². The standard print size of flyers is a Euro-flyer (99 * 210 mm) or A6 flyer (105 * 148 mm), but we offer printing of flyers of other sizes: A7, A5, A4, double Euro format and others.

The manufacture of flyers is possible with the application of after printing processing with varnish, lamination or figure die cutting. If you print a large number for mass distribution in the streets, shopping centers and crowded places, then simply print a lot of cheap flyers. And if you want to place them in restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, fitness centers and other image places for you, we recommend printing not large print runs, but using selective, convex or continuous varnish glossy or matte, or cut out a flyer of any shape. After all, the main task of the flyer is to attract attention and bring the necessary information to a potential client, and regarding the fact that almost everyone prints them, you just need to stand out among the competitors.

The most important thing in the production of flyers is their appearance, which depends far more on their design that printing. You can print huge circulations and distribute them throughout the city, but if the layout is not properly done, they will be thrown away and people will not even understand what those flyers advertised. Each flyer should contain semantic accents and highlight important elements; our designers have this skill to do that. The design of the flyer should not be subtle, overly bright or overloaded with pictures or text. If you want your advertisement to work - order a design from a full-cycle advertising agency "Vmeste".

If you are ready to order flyers, you can send a layout to our email or call our managers for advice and calculation, they will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 03-09-2019 )
Flyers price:


Euroflyer (99 * 210 mm), 130 g \ m², print 4 + 4 (full color)

Volume, pcs Price, EUR
100 28
500 32
1000 36
2500 58
5000 105


A6 flyer (105 * 148 mm), 130 g \ m², print 4 + 4 (full color)

Volume, pcs Price, EUR
100 24
500 29
1000 34
2500 53
5000 95


A5 flyer (148 * 210 mm), 130 g \ m², print 4 + 4 (full color)

Volume, pcs Price, EUR
100 35
500 38
1000 48
2500 90
5000 145


A4 flyer (210 * 297 mm), 130 g \ m², print 4 + 4 (full color)

Volume, pcs Price, EUR
100 68
500 73
1000 95
2500 165
5000 275


Production time for flyers is 1-3 days.

For calculation of flyers with glossy or matte varnish, a different paper density, contact us.

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