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Flags are a banner or a symbol which denotes belonging to something. They are of different types: state flags, flags of countries of the world, flags of institutions, corporate flags, sports flags and many others. Flags with a logo or branded ones which is the most common name of the flags in advertising and souvenir products. In addition to their types, they are also divided according to their intended purpose: street, office, outdoor, and indoor flags, and also wind, drop, beach, and other types of the flags. Also, they are one-sided and two-sided. You will learn all about this by reading the information below.

Making the flags begins with the choice of material. There are three types of material most commonly used for the flags: rayon or it is also called polyester, satin and flag mesh. Polyester flags turn out to be the most budget-saving, as well as practical, because the polyester fabric itself is quite thin and the flag print on one side shows the print on the other side, and it actually turns out to be two-sided but the second side is paler than the first one. Atlas is a more dense type of material so there is a difference here to make one-sided or two-sided printing. The atlas is still very prestigious and glossy fabric, it has an analogue of satin, also dense but matte fabric. The flags made of atlas and satin are used indoors. The office flags are also made from the elite material which is gabardine, they are often still trimmed with fringe to give a very prestigious look. And the flag mesh is the toughest material used for the street flags, very durable and sturdy. Almost all the street or outdoor flags are made of the flag mesh. The flags of the countries of the world are also most often printed from the flag mesh.

Printing of the flags is made by sublimation. Sublimation allows you to print full-color flags on one or both sides. By the way, an interesting point is that the two-sided printing is possible in three ways. The first method is a mirror printing when the second side is an exact reflection in the mirror of the first side, it is most often used for the outdoor flags. The second method is a classical printing on both sides when both sides are the same but if you do not have a symmetrical pattern, it is clear that both sides do not overlap one to one but are different. And the third method is printing on two pieces of the fabric and gluing them together, it is also possible with a lining inside to add to its hardness, used in the manufacture of the office flags. In addition, the sublimation printing can be of high interior and regular printing quality, we use in most cases the interior printing of the highest quality. In rare cases, the flag printing can be screen printing technology, it is used most often during elections to make hundreds or thousands of the flags. In such cases, the silk-screen printing is much better at the price of the sublimation printing, but on one condition that the logo is not full-color, the silk-screen printing is done in 1-5 printing colors.

The production of the flags, in addition to the issues of manufacturing, selection of the material and printing of the flags, also implies its processing after printing. After printing, the flag is usually stitched from three sides, and a pocket for the flagpole is made on the fourth side. But at the request of the client instead of a pocket a crinkle can be made, spring hooks or other types of attachment. Moreover, there are still a lot of some flag accessories: flag tips, baskets and stands for the flags, fringe trim and flag tassels, wooden and metal flagpoles and many more. For all the questions regarding the flagpole and the other flag accessories, please, contact our managers, and they will answer your questions.


Prices(обновлено: 23-09-2019 )

Flags production price:


Outside flags:

Material: flag grid, satin (single-sided printing)
Quantity/Size 1-5 pcs 6-20 pcs 21-50 pcs 51-100 pcs от 100 pcs
90*135 cm 24,0 20,5 18,5 17,5 16,0
100*150 cm 27,5 24,0 22,0 20,5 19,5
140*210 cm 42,5 39,5 37,5 36,0 34,5
300*100 cm 43,0 40,0 38,0 36,5 35,5
Material: flag grid, satin (duplex)
90*135 cm 33,5 30,0 28,0 26,5 25,5
100*150 cm 38,5 35,5 33,5 32,5 30,5
140*210 cm 66,5 63,5 61,5 60,0 58,5
300*100 cm 67,5 65,5 62,0 60,5 60,0
Material: polyester (single-sided printing)
Quantity/Size 1-5 pcs 6-20 pcs 21-50 pcs 51-100 pcs от 100 pcs
90*135 cm 22,5 19,5 17,5 16,0 14,5
100*150 cm 25,5 22,0 20,0 18,5 17,5
140*210 cm 38,0 34,5 32,5 31,5 30,0


Cabinet Flags:

Material: satin, gabardine
Quantity/Size Two-ply Double Layer with Fringe
100*150 cm 60 75
140*210 cm 95 110
Material: dense satin, crepe satin. Fringed Trim
Quantity/Size Two-ply​ Double layer with gasket
100*150 cm 75 90
140*210 cm 135 180

Terms of manufacturing flags 2-5 days. To render the flags of a different size or materials, please contact our managers.

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